Manipulate apk's run,uninstall,install,stop

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npm install apk-runner@1.0.6


Module for manipulating apk's with adb Install, uninstall, run, stop application on your device from command line

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1. Installation

To install the most recent release from npm, run:

npm install apk-runner -g

2. Usage

You can do many things with this module:

  • Install apk on device
  • Uninstall apk on device
  • Run app on device
  • Stop app on device

Once you have installed the module globaly you will have 2 optional commands for running the module:

  • apk-runner [arguments]
  • ar [arguments]

2.1. Command line

Will install and run apk on connected device:

apk-runner yourapk.apk

Running the module with no arguments (as shown in example above) will run the following procedure for the apk:

  1. stop application (if running and exists on device)
  2. uninstall apk (if exists on device)
  3. install apk
  4. run application

Display usage:

apk-runner --help

if any option from the available options is specified then the module will execute only the specified option. For instance running the following command will only install the apk.

apk-runner --install yourapk.apk

This command will uninstall and install the apk.

apk-runner --uninstall --install yourapk.apk

The logical order of the command will always be stop,uninstall,install,run.

3. Testing

To run tests, use the following command from module's root:

npm test