Artifact Engine to download artifacts from jenkins, teamcity, vsts

npm install artifact-engine@1.0.0


Azure Pipeline extensions for Azure DevOps

This repository is a common place for all the extensions that Azure DevOps team publishes as Microsoft or Microsoft DevLabs publisher.

How to Build

Ensure you have installed Node.js. Clone the repository, and go to the root folder of the repository and run the following commands.

  • npm install will install all the node modules required to run gulp to package, build etc.
  • gulp build will copy each task to "_build" folder, and install it's dependencies locally (wrt to the task) and copies the common modules required to run the task.
  • gulp test will run all pester or mocha tests written for each task, in the Tests folder.

How to package extensions

You'll have to run gulp build and gulp test before you start packaging.

  • gulp package will package all the extensions and stores them in "_package" folder.
  • gulp package --publisher=<publisher_name> will package all the extensions under a new publisher name that you specify in "_package" folder.
  • gulp package --extension=<extension_name> will package the single extension you mention, and stores it in "_package" folder.
  • PS: Tested the compatibility with node version 10.22.0 on a windows machine.

Updating Feed

Feed with various nugets to consume resides at this location

Feed can be updated/republished by executing this build definition