Enables integration of google actions into assistant.js (via dialogflow)

google, google actions, google home,, dialogflow, assistant.js, assistantjs, google-actions, google-assistant, google-home
npm install assistant-google@0.4.1



This package integrates Google Assistant into AssistantJS via assistant-apiai. Make sure you have assistant-apiai set up, install assistant-google with npm install assistant-google --save and add it as an dependency to your index.ts:

import { descriptor as googleDescriptor } from "assistant-google";

/** and below, in your "initializeSetups" method: */

After that add the GoogleTypes and the Google-Handler to your handler-config.ts. Replace or remove ADD_OTHER_TYPES_HERE and ADD_OTHER_HANDLER_HERE<CurrentAnswerTypes> if needed.

import { GoogleSpecificTypes, GoogleHandler} from "assistant-google";
import { State } from "assistant-source";

export type MergedAnswerTypes = GoogleSpecificTypes & ADD_OTHER_TYPES_HERE;
export type MergedHandler = GoogleHandler<CurrentAnswerTypes> & ADD_OTHER_HANDLER_HERE<MergedAnswerTypes>;

export type MergedSetupSet = State.SetupSet<MergedAnswerTypes, MergedHandler>

And that's it! Your AssistantJS voice application is now ready for Google Assistant. There is no more configuration needed!

Debugging OAuth

If you start your AssistantJS server with FORCED_GOOGLE_OAUTH_TOKEN="mytoken", all google assistant requests will return "mytoken" as OAuth token. That way, you can test or demo your skill without having a full OAuth setup in place.