Example React Component for npm Publication using Rollup

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npm install atherdon-react-markdown-component-body@0.1.0



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Example React component "library" using rollup that is published to npm.

rollup and webpack

There are a lot of articles that compare rollup and webpack (like this or this or this or this).

The general point is

webpack is generally a better fit for applications, and rollup is generally a better fit for libraries 1

So what is this project?

I've never used rollup before - hell, I've barely used webpack before.

This was mostly to see how easy / difficult it was to create a React component package using rollup (aka "proof-of-concept").

My requirements for this package were

  1. Use babel
  2. Use semantic-release
  3. Use sass
  4. Support umd and es modules
  5. Use storybook
  6. Make the exported components really simple

My general thoughts