Helper library for using TypeScript with Azure Functions

npm install azure-functions-typescript@0.0.1


TypeScript libraries for Azure Functions

🚧 This library is still in alpha and not supported by the Azure Functions team for any use. 🚧

These are some helper libraries for folks trying to use TypeScript with Azure Functions

npm install --save christopheranderson/azure-functions-typescript

import {HttpContext, IFunctionRequest, HttpStatusCodes} from 'azure-functions-typescript'

export function index(context: HttpContext, req: IFunctionRequest) {
    if(req.method == "GET")
    context.res.status = HttpStatusCodes.OK;
    context.done(null, {});

You can use the entryPoint property in your function.json to specify the name of the function, if you have more than one export.

"entryPoint": "index", 

Development patterns

Because the Azure Functions portal doesn't support TypeScript yet, you have to manage the compilation yourself.

If you develop locally, you can run your local host (see azurefunctions CLI), which will look for js files, and also tsc -w, which will look for ts files. Be sure you have sourcemaps turned on if you want nice debugging experiences.

If you develop remotely, you can create a PowerShell function which will run npm scripts for you, but tsc -w doesn't work very reliably due to the transient nature of the compute.


File issues on GitHub with description/code samples.

You're also welcom to send a PR after following the instructions below. If it's a large change, please open an issue to discuss first.

Settings up development environment

  1. Use node version 5.9.1
  2. Clone repo:

    git clone cd azure-functions-typescript

  3. Install dependences - npm install

  4. Build project - npm run-script build

You can use npm run-script watch to watch for updates.


  1. Navigate to ./samples
  2. Clear dependencies - rm -rf ./node_modules
  3. Install dependencies - npm install
  4. Build - npm run-script build
  5. Test - npm test

If you see no errors, you're fine to send a PR.