A package to access the BitBucket Api.

npm install bitbucket-api@0.1.0



A very simple to use library to hook into the BitBucket api. At the moment it covers issues and all related objects as well as getting repository and sources information. The Api is in flux and you should expect changes coming in the future.


All callbacks take the standard node signature of function (error, result) unless otherwise specified.


Some object expose a CRUD api that consist of the following methods and signature.

create(obj, cb);
getById(id, cb);
update(id, obj, cb);
delete(id, cb(err));

The callback for the delete method only returns an error or null if succesful.

The obj argument can be either a literal representing the resource or (in some cases) just a primitive, (eg: Milestones takes a string).

Specific details or changes to this API will be indicated in each object if need it.


var bitbucket = require('bitbucket-api');
var credentials = {username: 'USER', password: 'PWD'};
var client = bitbucket.createClient(credentials);
var repository = client.getRepository({slug: 'SLUG', owner: 'OWNER'}, function (err, repo) {
   //Code to access the repo object.

Running the tests.

npm install
cd tests/
mv helper.js.back helper.js
vim helper.js //Enter your BitBucket credentials and a changeset on your repo and save the file
cd ../
npm test

All the tests at the moment are integration tests and will attempt to connect with BitBucket. False errors may happen due to timeout scenarios but it should be fine in most cases. They run with a 15 secs timeout.

If you want to run the tests with a different timeout run then directly with mocha and the -t option, giving it the timeout in milliseconds.

mocha /tests -t 15000




  • Added quotes on curl command to use complex 'valid' bitbucket passwords (thanks to https://bitbucket.org/alemures/)


  • Adding support for user endpoint.
  • Also adding support for users endpoint. At the moment only account and emails resources have been implemented.
  • Breaking change, the cb in all .remove() methods always return null in the results.
  • Improved and simplified documentation.


  • Adding support for changesets and changeset.
  • Adding support for followers.
  • Complete documentation for Issues, Issue, Issue.Comments, Changeset, Changesets and Followers


  • Improve code structure and prepare to support multiple connection transports
  • Improve API: removing {succes: false} on error situations and returning Errors in the callback


  • Added support for sources



Takes an object with a username and a password keys Returns a BitBucket object

var bitbucket = require('bitbucket-api');
var credentials = {username: 'USER', password: 'PWD'};
var client = bitbucket.createClient(credentials);


Instance properties

username // The username passed to the createClient function.
password // The password passed to the createClient function.
root     // The root for the bitbucket api, defaults to 'api.bitbucket.org'
version  // The version for the bitbucket api, defaults to '1.0s'

Instance methods

credentials() // returns 'username:password'
getUrl()    // Builds the first part of the URL to connect to the bitbucket api

Prototype methods


Returns a User object

getRepository(repository, cb)

Takes an repository parameter with the owner and slug keys for the repository to get. To get details for the repository of this module the owner should be hgarcia and the slug node-bitbucket-api.


Result is an array of the repositories the user has access to.


Instance properties

This are mapped from the api result into a more proper JavaScript format, mostly replacing '_' with camelcase names.

provider // A reference to the BitBucket instance that created it.
scm // String either 'git' or 'mercurial'
hasWiki // Boolean
lastUpdated // Date
creator // String username of the person who created the repository
forksCount // Number
createdOn // Date
owner // String username of the repository owner
logo // String || null
emailMailingList //String
isMq // Boolean
size // Number
readOnly // Boolean
forkOff // String || null
mqOf // String || null;
followersCount // Number
state // String
utcCreatedOn // Date
website // String
description // String
hasIssuses // Boolean
isFork // Boolean
slug // String
isPrivate // Boolean
name // String
language // String ex: 'javascript'
utcLastUpdated // Date
emailWriters // Boolean
noPublicForks // Boolean
resourceURI // String

Instance methods

credentials() // delegates to this.provider.credentials()
getUrl()    // Builds the URL to connect to this repository

Prototype methods


Returns a Changeset object


Return a Changesets object


Return an Events object


Returns a Components object


Returns a list of followers.


Returns an Issues object


Takes the id of an issue and returns an Issue object.


Returns a Milestones object

sources(path, revision)

Takes the path to a folder (defaults to "/") or file and optionally the revision or branch name (defaults to master). Returns a Sources object. If path ends on "/" the API considers that you are looking for a directory instead of a file.


Returns a Versions object.


Provides access to the changesets for a repository

Instance methods

get(limit, start, cb)

Returns a list of changesets starting from the start hash. The limit is an integer indicating how many to return.

getById(hash, cb)

Takes the hash for a given changeset and returns it.


Provides access to the changesets for a repository

Instance methods

get(limit, start, cb)

Returns a list of events starting from the start index (set to 0 to get events from the creation of the repository). The limit is an integer indicating how many to return.


Provides access to stat, diff, likes and comments on a given changeset.

Instance methods


Get the diff of the changeset.


Get statistics for the given cahngeset.


Get the likes for the changeset


Returns a Changeset.Comments object


Standard CRUD API. The obj argument is a literal representing a changeset comment.

Components, Milestones, Versions

Use the CRUD API. The getAll method takes only a callback. The obj parameter is a string.


Provides access to the comments on an issue

Instance methods


Return an Issue.Comments object


Standard CRUD API. The obj argument is a string.


Custom CRUD API.

Like the standard CRUD API but without instead of a getAll method exposes a get method that takes an options argument and a callback. The options is used to filter the issues returned.

The obj argument is a literal that represents the issue object.


Provides access to information about files and directories in the repository as well as raw content from a file or folder structure.

Instance methods


The result contains a data and a lines properties. This only works for text files.

result.data //Contains a string with the file raw content
result.lines //Contains an array with the string split by '\n' characters.


Instance methods


List of repositories that the user follows.


Details of the user account


List of user privileges

update(id, obj, cb)

Update the user details, obj is a literal with the data to change.


Return a User.Repositories object.


Instance methods


The data show in a user dashboard.


Info about repositories the user follow.


List of all repositories for the user.