(formerly gulp-starter) A full featured configurable gulp asset pipeline and static site builder

asset-pipeline, browsersync, gulp, gulp-starter, svg-sprites, webpack
npm install blendid@4.4.3



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Blendid (formerly known as Gulp Starter) is a delicious stand-alone blend of tasks and build tools poured into Gulp to form a full-featured modern asset pipeline. It can be used as-is as a static site builder, or can be configured and integrated into your own development environment and site or app structure.

Quick start on a fresh project (empty directory)

yarn init
yarn add blendid
yarn run blendid -- init
yarn run blendid

This will create default src and config files in your directory and start compiling and live-updating files! Try editing them and watch your browser auto-update!


Full documentation is available on the Wiki

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