Start package for Bulma

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npm install bulma-start@0.0.4


Start package for Bulma

Tiny npm package that includes the npm dependencies you need to build your own website with Bulma.

Bulma: a Flexbox CSS framework


npm install bulma-start


yarn add bulma-start

What's included

The npm dependencies included in package.json are:

Apart from package.json, the following files are included:

  • .babelrc configuration file for Babel
  • .gitignore common Git ignored files
  • index.html this HTML5 file
  • _sass/main.scss a basic SCSS file that imports Bulma and explains how to customize your styles, and compiles to css/main.css
  • _javascript/main.js an ES6 JavaScript that compiles to lib/main.js

Get your feet wet

This package is meant to provide a good starting point for working with Bulma.

When installing this package with the commands above, it landed in $HOME/node_packages/bulma-start. In order to use it as a template for your project, you might consider copying it to a better suited location:

cd $HOME/projects
cp -a $HOME/node_modules/bulma-start my-bulma-project

Alternatively, you could do something similar with a GitHub clone as well.

cd $HOME/projects
git clone https://github.com/jgthms/bulma-start
mv bulma-start my-bulma-project
rm -rf my-bulma-project/.git     # cut its roots

Now, that you prepared the groundwork for your project, set up Bulma and run the watchers:

cd my-bulma-project
npm install
npm start

As long as npm start is running, it will watch your changes. You can edit _sass/main.scss and _javascript/main.js at will. Changes are immediately compiled to their destinations, where index.html will pick them up upon reload in your browser.

Some controlling output is written to the npm start console in that process:

_javascript/main.js -> lib/main.js

=> changed: $HOME/projects/start-with-bulma/_sass/main.scss
Rendering Complete, saving .css file...
Wrote CSS to $HOME/projects/start-with-bulma/css/main.css

Use npm run to show all available commands:

Lifecycle scripts included in bulma-start:
    npm-run-all --parallel css-watch js-watch

available via `npm run-script`:
    node-sass _sass/main.scss css/main.css
    npm run css-build && npm run css-postcss
    postcss --use autoprefixer --output css/main.css css/main.css
    npm run css-build -- --watch
    npm run css-deploy && npm run js-build
    babel _javascript --out-dir lib
    npm run js-build -- --watch

If you want to learn more, follow these links: Bulma homepage and Documentation.

Copyright and license

Code copyright 2017 Jeremy Thomas. Code released under the MIT license.