Markdown-formatted Creative Commons licenses

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npm install cc-md@0.3.0


Creative Commons Markdown

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On November 25th, 2013, Creative Commons announced their next generation licenses: Creative Commons 4.0. By default, these are available as HTML or plaintext. This project adds Markdown-formatted licenses to that list, while aiming for best compatibility on GitHub.


File extension

There's a plethora of Markdown file extensions, but I have decided to go with markdown. Read why:

"We no longer live in a 8.3 world, so we should be using the most descriptive file extensions. It’s sad that all our operating systems rely on this stupid convention instead of the better creator code or a metadata model, but great that they now support longer file extensions."
Hilton Lipschitz (via)

"…the only file extension I would endorse is “.markdown”, for the same reason offered by Hilton Lipschitz"
John Gruber, creator of Markdown (via)


There are other ways to get the licenses than downloading the latest release in your browser:

# Use git
$ git clone cc-md

# Yarn
$ yarn add cc-md

# npm
$ npm install cc-md


If you notice any mistakes in content or formatting, please send a pull request with your correction.

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