Provide visualization of changesets to OSMCha & to the OSM community

npm install changeset-map@1.4.5


OSM Changeset Viewer on a GL Map

Very experimental work in progress. The idea being that you can pass a changeset id and a container HTML element where you want the map rendered, and this plugin should render details of changes made by that changeset in the specified HTML element on a MapboxGL map.

Heavily inspired by the ACHAVI Changeset Viewer:

Use as a module

Create a container div to hold the UI.

<div id='container'></div>
// es6 modules
import {getChangeset, query, propsDiff, render} from 'changeset-map';

// commonjs
var changesetMap = require('changeset-map');
var render = changesetMap.render;

var container = document.getElementById('container');
var changesetMapControl = render(container, changesetID, { width: '1000px', height: '1000px' });

// binding events
changesetMapControl.on('load', function () {
    changesetMapControl.emit('selectFeature', 'node|way', featureId);
    changesetMapControl.on('hashchange', function(geometryType, featureId) {
        // update hash.

For a custom overpass instance, set a overpassBase key in the options object. Default instance is


  • Install dependencies using npm install.


  • Build the plugin by npm run build.
  • Build the website by npm run build:website, the websites html can be found in public folder. The javascript code to run changeset map can be found in www folder.


  • nvm use 8.15.1 # Use node 8.15, nvm is recommended
  • yarn add react react-dom # Install those packages manually
  • yarn install # Install packages
  • yarn start # To get going …