React components used in chartbuilder

React, react-components, chartbuilder, ui
npm install chartbuilder-ui@1.0.1


Chartbuilder UI React components

React components that make up the UI for Quartz Chartbuilder.

Here's a dead-simple demo page.

To use in your React project:

  1. npm install chartbuilder-ui
  2. require any of the components defined by Chartbuilder UI.

Chartbuilder UI's components:

  • Alert
  • Button
  • ButtonGroup
  • ColorPicker
  • Dropdown
  • TextArea
  • TextInput
  • LabelledTangle
  • Toggle

Developing locally:

  • Clone this repo and run npm install

To view an example page and develop locally:

1. `npm run dev` to watch files for changes
2. `npm start` to launch a simple http server
3. Navigate to `localhost:8080`

To build the css that modules using Chartbuilder UI will consume:

npm run build

More docs are coming. For now, Example.jsx shows how each component ought to be used.