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The Chassis mixin library is a composable JavaScript library for extending DOM elements. For example, the listinput functionality provides a few additional methods for a standard <input> element. This particular mixin exists to simplify the process of capturing a list of manually typed input, such as a comma delimited list of names. It will listen for the Enter key, parse the input contents, aggregate the list of data it has processed, optionally deduplicate lists, etc. It also triggers custom events when these activities occur, making data binding and reactive processing possible.


The truth of the matter is we'd rather be using web components. However; web components still struggle with SOC (Separation of Concerns). This library fills the gap, giving us control over components and styling in separate contexts. As browser support becomes more standard, specifically with CSS and shadow DOM, this library will be embedded into custom elements. In the interim, this library can be used as a foundation for custom elements, augmentations, or as a plain old JS library.

The main motivator for this library came when we attempted to create a <chassis-listinput> custom element. Functionally, it was fantastic. However; the following CSS code in the parent HTML page caused a nightmare:

chassis-listinput {
  font-size: 20px;

All we wanted to see was:

And we got this instead:

The Problem?

The CSS styles are not applied to the shadow DOM. The /deep/ selector has been deprecated. Even Polymer stripped the ability to apply parent CSS styles to the Shadow DOM. The only option was to use CSS variables. They're pretty awesome... but no Microsoft Browser supports them. At the time of this writing, Microsoft Edge only has it "under consideration". We thought about rolling our own selector system, but identifying non-default computed CSS styles to selectively apply to shadow DOM elements is not trivial. Too much hacking, too much computational expense... you get the picture.

We anxiously await progress this are of the web components world. Once it's there, we'll embrace it.


Chassis mixins are available on an element by element basis, or as a complete library.


var myInputField = document.getElementById('myinput')

// Apply to a single element
chassis.apply('listinput', myInputField)

// Alternative syntax

// Apply to multiple elements at once:
chassis.listinput('css > selector > input')
chassis.listinput([HTMLInputElementA, HTMLInputElementB])