Chainable wrapper API for manipulating a DOM Element's classes or a class string

css, classes, wrapper, classList
npm install class-manipulator@1.0.0



Chainable class list API for manipulating a DOM Element's classes or a class string.


npm install class-manipulator


Add class "foo", remove "bar", add or remove "baz", then apply the changes to the element:


Note how the DOM isn't changed until you call .apply(). The class attribute is only ever read once no matter how many changes you make to the list.

You can also create a class list wrapper not associated with any element:

list("foo bar baz").add("nub").remove("bar").toString(); // "foo baz nub"

You can copy a class list to another element like this:

list("foo bar baz").copyTo(someElement).apply();

You can also sort and filter a class list:

function threeCharsLong (str) {
    return str.length === 3;

list("foo apple bar baz").filter(threeCharsLong).sort().toString(); // "bar baz foo"

For a full reference of the API, see docs/index.html. You can also take a look at the tests at tests.js to find out what else you can do with the API.


If you want to contribute, do so by making a pull request on GitHub. Make sure you do the following:

  • Update the source code docs if you make changes to the API.
  • Run the test to make sure you didn't break anything.
  • Add new tests if you add new things to the API.
  • Use ESLint on the code and correct any errors reported.

Running tests

If you don't have it yet, install Mocha:

npm install -g Mocha

Run the tests:

mocha tests.js

Updating the docs

You need to have docco installed to update the documentation:

npm install -g docco

To update the docs, run:

docco index.js