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npm install com-intel-security-ita-cs@2.0.2


App Security API

The App Security API enables the use of security properties and capabilities on the platform, using a new set of API defined for application developers. You are not required to be a security expert to make good use of the API. Key elements, such as encryption of data and establishments of capabilities, are abstracted and performed "under the hood". For example

  • Use the API to store (E.g. cache) data locally, using the device non-volatile storage. Data protection/encryption will be done for you by the API implementation
  • Establish a connection with remote server (E.g. XHR) using a protected channel. SSL/TLS establishment and usage will be done for you by the API implementation

For more information please visit our API documentation @ Additionally please see our demo applications: - "MyPrivateNotes": - "MyPrivatePhotos":

Intel(R) Technology Access (TA) Capability Servicer

The project contains 'src' folder which contains the App Security API capability servicer and 'www' folder which contains the javascript API.
To verify if the system has ITA please:
    1. Open services' window by launching 'services.msc'
    2. Scroll down and make sure you have Intel(R) TA service and its status is running
For more information and download page for Intel(R) TA, please refer to

How to use App Security capability servicer
    1. Make sure that the 'App Security Api service' (AppSecurityApiService.exe) is properly installed on the target platform, where your application is running
    2. Include the javascript files from the www folder in your js folder (or equivalent) of the web application
    3. Use the API from your web application

Cordova plugin

For Cordova plugin please see

Crosswalk Extension

For Crosswalk extension please see