Javascript parser for DICOM Part 10 data with utf8 support

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npm install cornerstone-dicom-parser-utf8@1.7.54




For the RadioLogic project started two years ago, I needed a DICOM parser supporting UTF8 encoded data.

RadioLogic is a teaching and assessment tool for radiologists, work in progress. It's a webapp optimized for use on iPAD's.

In a first step I succesfully patched Chris Hafey's distribution file dicomParser.js to parse the RadioLogic teaching files. I now took time to modify the source files, document the changes and build new distribution files.

For different reasons I prefer to present the results in my own way, instead of using a standard GitHub fork.


The following screenshots show the parsing of a RadioLogic test DICOM file, encoded with the specificCharacterSet ISO_IR 192. The term "Nobody" is encoded in different languages (chinese, japanese, arabic, ...) to specify the names of various performers (physician, operator, evaluator, ...). The WiKi page Translation shows the related graphic characters used in the different languages.

The first figure shows the display panel of the parseDicomUTF8 Demo by using the enhanced dicomParser called cornerstoneDicomParserUTF8.


The second figure shows the same demo by using the standard dicomParser v1.7.5.


The third and fourth figures show the results of the modified demo dumpWithDataDictionary v1.7.5 for use on tablets.



The radiolodic.dcm testfile is available with the preceding link or in this repository's testfiles folder.


I tried to integrate the UTF8 support in the dicomParser with a minimum of code change. For this reason the modifications done are not optimal.


A new export function readFixedStringUTF8() is added. The uit8array to utf8 string conversion uses the native decodeURIComponent() function and is based upon the code published by Petka Antonow.


The string() and text() functions are modified to use the new readFixedStringUTF8 function, if the DICOM data is encoded with ISO_IR 192.

index.html of dumpWithDataDictionary

The dragAndDrop FileHandler is replaced by a simple input FileReader to make it work on tablets (iCloud, iDrive, ...).

The stringIsAscii = isASCII(str) test is replaced by the assignment stringIsAscii = true.

The closing body tag is moved to the end of the file to make the code W3C compliant.

dataDictionary.js of dumpWithDataDictionary

The private RadioLogic tags with group number 4321 are added to the dictionary.


To build the enhanced dicomParser with UTF8 support, clone or download the master version from Chris Hafey's GitHub repository, replace the two source files byteArrayParser.js and dataSet.js with the modified files, saved in the present scr folder, and rebuild the project.

Ready-to-use renamed distribution files are saved in the present dist folder. The demo parseDicomUTF8.html and the modified index.html file of the dumpDicomWithDataDictionary demo are available in the example folder, together with the modified dataDictionary.js file.