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npm install cosign-cli@0.1.0


                 _               _       
                (_)             (_)      
    ___ ___  ___ _  __ _ _ __    _  ___  
   / __/ _ \/ __| |/ _` | '_ \  | |/ _ \
  | (_| (_) \__ \ | (_| | | | |_| | (_) |
   \___\___/|___/_|\__, |_| |_(_)_|\___/ 
                    __/ |
   An open, secure |___/ identity platform.

type `help`, if you like ;)



you should get a print like above with the following steps:

$ npm install cosign-cli
$ cosign-cli

After installing cosign-cli, continue to:

Generate and Register a Key

To create a working setup, you need to execute the following steps:

  1. generate a key
  2. register the key
  3. read the key balance

Generating a Key

Install the cosign-cli as described, then run the generate command. A secret seed for your key will be generated and displayed as mnemonic.

cosign$ generate

Your mnemonic is:

 ***** ***** ******* ***** ******* **** ******* ****** ****** ****** ******* *****

confirm to remove from screen:

Make sure to note the mnemonic. The mnemonic will be removed from the terminal history after you press a key and will be lost after restart of the CLI.

Register a Key

Now that you have generated a key in the previous step, continue to register it with this command:

cosign$ register

Email verification requested. A crypto-fulfillment will be sent to you.

You will receive an email similar to this one:

Dear customer, 

We have received a request to authorize this email address for If you requested this verification, please return the following crypto fulfillment: 


Note the line starting with cf:0:. This is a crypto-fulfillment. Return it to the CLI with the confirm command. You should receive status information of your registered key.

cosign$ confirm cf:0:RoFF18igQ7msaEjUKU21zw

cosign-id: 0092a8ff
balance: 0.0

As you see, your key starts with a 0.0 balance. You can top-up your balance by claiming a voucher.

Loading a Key

When restarting the CLI, all state is reset. You need to load your key again by using the load command. A password-like prompt will ask for a mnemonic or ECDSA hex private key.

cosign$ load

Please enter a mnemonic or hex string to load your key:
mnemonic/hex: *********************************************

Key loded successfully.

Claim a Voucher

To top-up the balance of a key, purchase a voucher at the shop.

After the purchase, you will receive and email with a crypto-fulfillment, similar to this:


To claim the voucher you need to:

  1. install and start cosign-cli.
  2. load your key in the cosign-cli.
  3. claim the crypto-fulfillment.

If you haven't installed the CLI yet, follow these instructions.

If you haven't generated and registered a key yet, please execute these steps first.

After restarting the CLI, make sure to load your key back into memory.

Once you are able to display key status information, including a balance, please proceed.

Claiming a Crypto-Fulfillment

use the claim <fulfillment> command to claim. A successful claim will result in a notice sent to your email and your balance updated.

cosign$ claim cf:37:eyJpcPI4-v.Z_x4-gc3

cosign-id: 0092a8ff
balance: 20.0