Setup GitHub Actions for an Ember Addon

npm install create-github-actions-setup-for-ember-addon@0.2.0


Create GitHub Actions setup for Ember Addon

Creates GitHub Actions for Ember Addon with NPM init / yarn create command.

The script analyzes an existing TravisCI configuration and tries to migrate it over to GitHub Actions.

This is early alpha software. Use with care and double check the generated GitHub Actions workflow.


# in a yarn repo
yarn create github-actions-setup-for-ember-addon

# in an npm repo
npm init github-actions-setup-for-ember-addon


Merge requests are very much appreciated. Parts that could be improved are:

  • The generated GitHub Actions workflow may not reflect latest best practices.
  • The script is only tested against TravisCI configurations created by recent Ember CLI versions so far. Extending that test coverage (and fixing bugs) would be great.
  • Only a very limited subset of common customizations of the default TravisCI configuration is supported. Would love to support more common patterns.
  • The script could be extended to allow the user to set configuration variables with command line flags rather than extracting them from an existing TravisCI configuration.

Running latest development

The script is written in TypeScript. Therefore development branch can not be directly executed unless using ts-node.

  1. Compile TypScript to Javascript: yarn compile
  2. Change current working directory to the root of the project you want to setup GitHub Actions on.
  3. Run the script: /path/to/script/bin/create-github-actions-setup-for-ember-addon


Tests are written with jest using Snapshots Testing. A test ist autogenerated for every file in tests/fixtures. Please double check that the generated snapshot is correct when adding an additional file. Snapshot tests are passing if no snapshot exists yet.

The tests are executed by yarn test.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.