its a angular 4 and semantic ui starter kit cli

npm install create-ng4-semantic-ui@2.0.2


Angular 4 SemanticUI CLI (create-ng4-semantic-ui) :

This create-ng4-semantic-ui (Angular 4 SemanticUI CLI) cli only generate the angular 4 application
with SemanticUI and its main goal is to provide angular 4 semantic ui
starter kit.

This cli is created on top of angular cli and so you are able to use angular cli commands after your project is initialized or created.

I created this create-ng4-semantic-ui cli just for fun and you can make use of it.

Requirement :

Please Install angular-cli version 1.4.2 globally.

Installation Process:

Note : please install Angular Cli version 1.4.2 globally .
npm i -g npm i create-ng4-semantic-ui.
then , create-ng4-semantic-ui (eg. create-ng4-semantic-ui ng-four-semanticui)
cd ng-four-semanticui
ng serve --open or --o (every angular cli commands will works )

if project dependency is not installed correctly.
npm install.
then , ng serve (if there is angular app running on port
same port 4200 and ng serve --open --port=3030)

Credits Goes To:
Semantic UI

Author :

Surendar working as a javascript developer at Infinijith-Technologies