Create your project files faster using a CLI

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npm install create-project-files-cli@1.2.0


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Create Project Files CLI

Create your project files faster using this CLI. You can create file templates and, with one command, create copies of your templates in the folder you want.

  • Faster and easier than code snippets
  • You can add the template files in the version control system
  • Rename template files and folders
  • Replace text inside your template files
  • Use this library in JavaScript code


Installing Globally

yarn global add create-project-files-cli
npm i -g create-project-files-cli

Installing as Dev Dependency

yarn add -D create-project-files-cli
npm i -D create-project-files-cli

👉 Getting Started

Follow the steps below to learn how to use this library.

  1. Create a folder called __file-templates__ in the root folder of your project.
  2. Create a file called test.txt in the __file-templates__ folder.
  3. Open a terminal and type cpf create text.txt .
  4. Now you should see a file called text.txt in your root folder.

📄 Documentation

  • 🔵 cpf create <source> <destination> [options]

Creates a file or folder based on the <source> at <destination>.

Option Description Example
-n, --name <name> Changes the name of a file or folder. cpf create text.txt src -n newName.txt
-t, --templates-folder <path> Path to templates folder. cpf create text.txt src -t my-templates
-e, --encoding <encoding> Changes the content encoding of the read files. cpf create text.txt src -e base64
-rn, --replace-names <names...> Replaces the names of a file or folder. cpf create [fileName].txt src -rn fileName=myFile
-nb, --no-brackets Makes brackets not required when using the --replace-names option. cpf create fileName.txt src -rn fileName=otherFile -nb
-rc, --replace-content <content...> Replaces parts of the contents of a file or files within a folder. cpf create text.txt src -rc file=myFile
-kvs, --key-value-separator <separator> Defines a custom key-value separator for the --replace-names and --replace-content options. cpf create [fileName].txt src -rn fileName@myFile -kvs "@"
  • 🔵 cpf help [command]

Display the help for a command or all commands.

💻 Using in Code

You can use the library in code if your using the version 1.1.0 or greater. You can install as dev dependency, create a javascript file, and do something like the example below:

const { CreateCommand } = require('create-project-files-cli')

const command = new CreateCommand('text.txt', '.', {
  // Options ...

const results =


Coming Soon

  • Support for multiple template folders.
  • Create multiple files and folders with only one command.
  • Ignore case when replacing the content of a file.
  • Set an alias to a file or folder inside the templates folder.
  • Config file to simplify the use of this library.
  • --silent option to run the CLI silently.
  • Add uuid or timestamp to file names.
  • Create destination folder if not exists.
  • --force option to delete existing files and folders to create the new ones.

🤝 Contributing

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👨 Author

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