Sails generator for The Boring JavaScript Stack.

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npm install create-sails-generator@0.0.3


Ship reliable JavaScript apps with battle-tested tech. No more chasing shiny trends in the JavaScript land.

Use The Boring JavaScript Stack - an opinionated full-stack JavaScript project starter - if you are tired of keeping up with the shiny things in JavaScript land and you just want to ship your products to real users with tried and battle-tested technologies. This stack is based on the experience of Kelvin Omereshone and contributors.

npx create-sails <project-name>
The Boring JavaScript Stack

The Boring JavaScript Stack

Setup faster ⚡️


npx create-sails <project-name> --vue


npx create-sails <project-name> --react


npx create-sails <project-name> --svelte

What's in The Boring JavaScript Stack

The ethos of The Boring JavaScript Stack is this 👇🏾

You can use your favorite frontend framework and build Modern Single Page Applications(SPA) without the hassle of the complexities that building SPA the traditional way bring to the table.

With The Boring JavaScript Stack, you don't need 👇🏾

  • Client-side state management - your application state lives in your database which is where it belongs.
  • You don't need an API for your SPA - the data each page needs gets sent to it as props thanks to Inertia
  • No double routing - The routing for your app is handled at the backend level with Sails

With The Boring JavaScript Stack, we want you to focus on what really matters - shipping to actual real users. We emphasize this by creating full-stack functioning templates that takes care of some of the boring stuff for you.

Try it Online 🚀

Try out The Boring JavaScript Stack starter templates for Vue, React, and Svelte right in your browser using StackBlitz's online code editor and development environment.

To launch the respective templates on StackBlitz, click on the 'Open in StackBlitz' button of the starter template you are interested in below:

Vue Starter Template

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React Starter Template

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Svelte Starter Template

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Watch Kelvin's Introduction to The Boring JavaScript Stack

The Boring JavaScript Stack

The Boring JavaScript - Kelvin Omereshone at #Sailsconf 2023


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