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npm install create-weaveworld-app@0.14.190517



Weaveworld (ῶ) is an experimental framework for interactive web applications, to provide the theoretically shortest (!) representation for "data-intensive" applications (forms, etc.) using simple HTML and JS techniques, without loss of readability. Only basic (!) HTML/CSS/JavaScript(ES6 or ES5) skills are required to create applications. See "intro video on youtube".

License: it is free to use for any purpose, but not open-source during its experimental phase (i.e., it is not allowed to use elsewhere parts or modified versions of the source, but the original files), however the framework is totally customizable and redefinable. (Weaveworld is about the one tenth of the Weaveworld-ONCE web framework. Patent pending for the "type-binding" technique.) See: licence.

For comparison, there's a simplified demo page, which functional equivalent versions are also available in Vue, React and Angular.
In case of full-scale business web applications, the code based on Weaveworld is about 2-4 times smaller and simpler than the usual methods.

Usage (where VERSION: MAJOR.MINOR.DATE; suggested use: MAJOR.MINOR, e.g., .../Weaveworld@0.14/...)

<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>

Using Weaveworld is extremely simple. (see: A simple example to do list tutorial.)

  • Create an HTML page with example data.
  • Provide some data (constant data or results of AJAX-call).
  • Put HTML attributes to control data-binding.
    --> Now, the page is filled with the current values.
  • Declare types of DOM parts in class and/or w:type attributes.
  • Create "type-handlers" containing "rules". "Rules" covers
    • event handling,
    • derived (computed) values of current data,
    • data transformation, view controls,
    • constant or computed attributes of form fields.
  • Furthermore, Weaveworld is highly customizable.

Weaveworld (ῶ) main features: