A Discord bot that contains commands useful for text roleplaying

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npm install discord-rpbot@2.11.0


Discord RPBot

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This is a simple Discord bot that contains commands useful for roleplaying. It is built with GRAF.

Have any questions/feedback? Join the Discord server. If you find any bugs or have suggestions, feel free to create an issue.


Global bot

Add the bot to your server

Your own instance

You must be running Node.js 6.0.0 or newer.
Run sudo npm install -g discord-rpbot --production --no-optional.

Note: Anonymous analytics are enabled by default. There is no identifiable or potentially private/unsafe information sent whatsoever. The only things that are being shared is the name of commands being run (no message contents), and an event for the bot starting up. This is so that I know how many people are using the bot, and what commands are being used the most. If you don't want anything being sent at all, run RPBot with the --no-analytics option, or set analytics to false in your config file.

Chat commands

See GRAF's command documentation for information about its built-in commands, and how to use commands.

Command Description
roll Rolls specified dice. (Uses dice-expression-evaluator)
maxroll Calculates the maximum possible roll for a dice expression.
minroll Calculates the minimum possible roll for a dice expression.
character Views a character's information.
characters Lists/searches characters in the database.
addcharacter Adds a character to the database, or updates the existing one.
deletecharacter Deletes a character from the database.


Run rpbot --help for detailed usage, options, and examples.


Configuration can be specified on the command line, or in a JSON or YAML config file. Specify the config file with --config path/to/config.yml. The settings:

Setting Description
token API token for the bot account
email Email of the Discord account for the bot to use (not needed if using token)
password Password of the Discord account for the bot to use (not needed if using token)
database Path to SQLite3 database file
database-verbose Whether or not SQLite3 should be put into verbose mode
storage Path to the storage directory
owner Discord user ID of the bot owner
invite Discord instant invite to a server to contact the owner
playing-game Text to show in the "Playing..." status
pagination-items Number of items per page in paginated commands
update-check How frequently to check for an update (in minutes - use 0 to disable)
analytics Whether or not to enable anonymous, non-unique, non-identifiable analytics
auto-reconnect Whether or not the bot should automatically reconnect when disconnected
command-prefix Default command prefix (blank to use only mentions)
command-editable How long a command message is editable (in seconds, use 0 to disable)
non-command-edit Whether or not a non-command message can be edited into a command
log Path to the log file to output to
log-max-size Maximum size of a single log file (in bytes)
log-max-files Maximum log files to keep
log-level Log level to output to the log file (error, warn, info, verbose, message, debug)
console-level Log level to output to the console (error, warn, info, verbose, message, debug)
log-messages Whether or not all chat messages should be logged

For a more detailed list of configuration values, use rpbot --help.