Cross-platform Discord Rich Presence Generator, WITH BUTTONS!

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npm install discordrpcmaker@2.1.1



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  • Clickable buttons!
  • Make and manage multiple presences
  • Clean and lightweight UI
  • Clear instructions
  • Optional timer
  • Custom, simplified developer portal
  • Easy installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Export presences and share with friends
  • Multiple themes
  • Cross-platform system tray support
  • Auto-update
  • Pywal support
  • AUR Package
  • CLI utility
  • Translations (soon)
  • Hotkeys (soon)
  • Online sharing (future)


Version 2.0.6

Windows windows

  • Download the exe, click More Info > Run Anyway > Open rpcmaker from the start menu

macOS mac

  • Download & mount the dmg, drag Discord RPC Maker into the Applications folder > Double click on Applications folder > Right click Discord RPC Maker > Open > Open

AppImage (all Linux distros) tux ai

  • Download and run. Easy!

AUR package (discordrpcmaker) arch

  • yay -S discordrpcmaker (replace yay with your AUR helper of choice)

.deb (Ubuntu/Debian based Linux distros) ubun deb

  • Download, sudo apt install /path/to/discordrpcmaker-linux.deb or open with GDebi/Eddy.

.rpm (RPM based Linux distros) fedora suse

  • Download, sudo rpm -i /path/to/discordrpcmaker-linux.rpm

Tarball (all Linux distros) tux

  • Download, tar -xvf /path/to/discordrpcmaker-linux.tar.gz > Run: discordrpcmaker-2.0.6/discordrpcmaker; To install, mv ./discordrpcmaker-2.02 /bin/drpcm && ln -s /bin/drpcm/discordrpcmaker /bin/discordrpcmaker, and run discordrpcmaker.

CLI Utility term

  • Reccomended for Linux users who want to daemonize presence launching, but works on all platforms.

From source electron

Don't do this unless you intend to modify the code!
  • Install NodeJS/NPM & Electron
  • git clone https://github.com/thatonecalculator/discordrpcmaker && cd discordrpcmaker && npm i && npm run start


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Made by ThatOneCalculator and KraXen72. Not officially affiliated with Discord. Thank you discord.js, electron-builder, fosscord-ui, and all our lovely stargazers, helpers, translators, and users for making this project possible. Full credits are in the Instructions & Info menu in the program.