Edge.js: run .NET and Node.js in-process on Electron

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npm install electron-edge-js@10.11.0


.NET and Node.js in-process on Electron

This is a fork of edge-js adapted to support Electron.

Compatible with

  • Electron 1.4.x - Node.js v6.5.0.
  • Electron 1.6.x - Node.js v7.4.0.
  • Electron 1.7.x - Node.js v7.9.0.
  • Electron 1.8.x - Node.js v8.2.1.
  • Electron 2.0.x - Node.js v8.9.3.
  • Electron 3.0.x - Node.js v10.2.0.
  • Electron 4.0.x - Node.js v10.11.0.

Usage is the same as edge or edge-js, replace require('edge') or require('edge-js') with require('electron-edge-js'):

npm install electron-edge-js
-var edge = require('edge');
+var edge = require('electron-edge-js');

var helloWorld = edge.func(function () {/*
    async (input) => {
        return ".NET Welcomes " + input.ToString();

Why use electron-edge-js?

Electron is built using specific version of Node.js. In order to use edge in Electron project you would need to recompile it using the same Node.js version.

electron-edge-js comes precompiled with correct Node.js versions.

Differences from electron-edge

  • Uses same codebase as edge-js that comes with both latest code changes from edge project and additional fixes and improvements available in edge-js project.
  • Supports majority of Electron versions.