An Ember shim addon for Ace to include it in older versions of Ember as an ECMA6 module.

ember-addon, ember-ace-shim
npm install ember-ace-shim@2.0.2


Ember-ace-shim - an Ember Shim for Ace

For older versions of Ember-cli - in this case 1.13.15 - the really great new awesome ember-ace addons are useless.. they simply depend on a higher version of ember and ember-cli. To cope with the problem, I've created this simple ember addon to wrap/load Ace.


Install and save it to your dev dependencies

  • npm install --save-dev ember-ace-shim

As we use the blueprint functionality of ember, it installs the ace bower component automatically when install installing the ember-ace-shim. The path to the ace files are defined in the vendor/shims/ace.js file.

  ace.config.set('basePath', '/assets/javascript');
  ace.config.set('modePath', '/assets/javascript');
  ace.config.set('themePath', '/assets/javascript');

You will need to use brocolli-funnel to define where ember should load files from.

  # The ember-cli-build.js in your project folder.
  var Funnel = require('broccoli-funnel');
  // Add relevant files for ace. When more modes or themes are needed, they will need to be
  // added to this list.
  var aceAssets = new Funnel('bower_components/ace-builds/src-noconflict/', {
    srcDir: '/',
    include: [
      'mode-vala.js', // used for excel formula's
      'mode-twig.js', // used for SmartStrings
    destDir: '/assets/javascript'

  // append the assets array to the build tree.
  return app.toTree([otherStuff, aceAssets]);

Then you should be all set. If you like to load them from another directory (it really does not matter though, because the files are not really copied), you will need to change the basePaths.