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npm install ember-advanced-combobox@3.3.10



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Ember combobox that can (beside others):

  • filter items
  • sort items
  • multiselect items
  • mobile support ("almost" as native)
  • lazy loading of combobox items

Beware ember >=2.0.0 is supported

We use BrowserStack to make sure this addon works on all browsers.


Warning: works for Ember >= 2.8.0

ember install ember-advanced-combobox

This addon uses FontAwesome by default - at the moment you have to provide it for yourself (this addon does not install it for you). You can however use any font icon set you want, but do not forget to configure this addon (more in section Global configuration -> propery icons)

Basic usage

  onSelected=(action 'onSelected')  

For more usage examples see dummy application.

Configuration option Description
valueList Array of items in combobox - can be a plain JSON array or Ember MutableArray (note: either valueList, valuePromise or lazyCallback must be provided)
valuePromise Promise - when evaluated, the result will be used as valueList (note: either valueList, valuePromise or lazyCallback must be provided)
lazyCallback callback to retrieve new combobox list items - usefull for lazy-loaded comboboxes (note: either valueList, valuePromise or lazyCallback must be provided)
itemKey Name of the property of valueList items to be used is key to identify items
itemLabel Name of the property of valueList items to be used as; can be string or function label
selected Key of currently selected item
onSelected Action callback that will be called when user selects an item
disabledWhenEmpty Combobox will be disabled, when there are no options in dropdown menu (recommened to set to false when used with valuePromise) (default: true)
multiselect boolean value; it true user can select multiple items (default is false)
canFilter boolean value; if true user can filter values in the dropdown - filter is case- and accent- insensitive fulltext search
disabled boolean value
orderBy Name of the property of valueList items to be used to sort the items in dropdown. If orderBy is not provided, items in dropdown will not be sorted.
minLazyCharacters overrides minLazyCharacters (see global configuration section)
preselectFirst boolean value; if true combobox will automatically select the first item in the dropdown.
onDropdownShow Action callback called when dropdown is going to show
onDropdownHide Action callback called when dropdown is going to hide
showDropdownButton boolean value; if false the dropdown button will be hidden (default is true)
itemLabelForSelectedPreview string value of function; customize how selected value looks like in the combobox (only for single select combobox); default is the same property as itemLabel
showLabelWhenDisabled boolean; false when combobox should be empty when disabled (default is false)
showChooseLabel boolean; false 'chooseLabel' should be shown - see global configuration as well (default is true)
showEmptySelectionLabel boolean; false 'emptySelectionLabel' should be shown - see global configuration as well (default is true)
maxDropdownHeight number; max height of dropdown (in pixels) - optional, if not set, dropdown will be stretched to the max height to be still visible in the page
emptySelectionLabel overrides emptySelectionLabel (see global configuration section)
chooseLabel overrides chooseLabel (see global configuration section)
pagination boolean (default: false); true if you want items in dropdown to be fetched with pagination
pageSize number (default: 10)
showDropdownOnClick boolean (default: true); true if dropdown should be opened on click
confirmInputValueOnBlur boolean (default: false)
hideSelected boolean (default: false)

Also note that if there is only one item available in combobox, it will be automatically selected.


Most often you would like to style the mobile version of combobox. To do this you can make use of following CSS classes:

  • .combobox-mobile-dialog - dialog itself (container for all other elements)
  • .header - DIV above the dialog
  • .footer - DIV below the dialog (contains buttons)
  • .btn-cancel - button to cancel dialog
  • .btn-accept - button to confirm selection (for multiselect combobox only)

Global configuration

Configuration option Description Default value
emptySelectionLabel Label shown when no value is selected ""
chooseLabel Label shown when dropdown is visible "Choose:"
multiselectValueLabel Label shown when there are multiple values selected - it appends number of selected items at the end "Selected items: "
asyncLoaderStartLabel Label shown when valuePromise is being evaluated "Loading..."
emptyValueList Label shown when there are no items in dropdown "No items"
mobileFilterPlaceholder Placeholder for filter input in mobile dropdown "Enter filter here"
mobileOkButton Text for "OK" button in mobile dropdown "Confirm"
mobileCancelButton Text for "Cancel" button in mobile dropdown "Cancel"
lazyDebounceTime debounce time (in msec) when typing - used for lazy loading of comobobox items 1000
minLazyCharacters minimum number of characters to trigger lazy load fetch 3
icons JSON of font icons used see example below
onDisabledCallback callback that will be called when component changes its disabled or labelOnly state

There are 2 ways to configure the combobox: using config/environment.js or by injecting service ember-advanced-combobox/adv-combobox-configuration-service:

environment.js configuration

Add this to your config/environment.js file:

  var ENV = {

  "ember-advanced-combobox": {
    emptySelectionLabel: "",
    chooseLabel: "Choose:",
    multiselectValueLabel: "Selected items: ",
    asyncLoaderStartLabel: "Loading...",
    emptyValueList: 'No items',
    mobileFilterPlaceholder: 'Enter filter here',
    mobileOkButton: 'Confirm',
    mobileCancelButton: 'Cancel',
    lazyDebounceTime: 1000,
    minLazyCharacters: 3,
    icons: {
      dropdown: 'fa fa-chevron-down',
      'checkbox-checked': 'fa fa-check-square-o',
      'checkbox-unchecked': 'fa fa-square-o',
      loading: 'fa fa-circle-o-notch fa-spin fa-fw'


Configuration service ember-advanced-combobox/adv-combobox-configuration-service enables you to customize the combobox at runtime (e.g. beacuse of translations):

  comboboxConfig: Ember.inject.service('adv-combobox-configuration-service');

  this.get('comboboxConfig').setConfiguration("emptySelectionLabel", "some value");