Social share buttons for EmberJS app that works without meta tags.

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npm install ember-social-share@0.3.5



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The main purpose of this addon to provide possibility to share links with images, title, descriptions etc without meta properties and without server rendering.



ember install ember-social-share


There are two ways to embed share buttons to page. First, you can add share buttons one by one. Example:


Or you can add share buttons like one share panel:

{{share-panel buttons="fb,vk,twitter,linkedin,gplus,email,reddit" labels="Share,Share,Tweet,Share,Share"}}

There are some properties for any of share buttons:

  • adaptive - boolean flag for adaptive design (default: true)

There are some properties for share-panel:

  • buttons - comma-separated list of social networks
  • labels - comma-separated list of buttons labels
  • adaptive - boolean flag for adaptive design (default: true)

At section below you can find share options that can be set for each button or panel.


Option Description Facebook VKontakte Twitter LinkedIn Google+ E-mail Reddit
url page url (by default - current page url)
title share title (tweet message for twitter)
text description
image image url
hashtags comma-separated list of hashtags (Facebook only uses the first one)
via link to twitter account or source
quote excerpt from page
recipient mail receiver


{{#fb-share-button url="" quote="Here is some text from the source."}}Share{{/fb-share-button}}
{{#vk-share-button title="Some Russian title!" text="Another description" image="some image url"}}Share it!{{/vk-share-button}}
{{#twitter-share-button title="Look at this!" url="" hashtags="example" via=""}}Tweet{{/twitter-share-button}}
{{#linkedin-share-button title="Great artile!" text="Another description" image="some image url"}}Share it!{{/linkedin-share-button}}
{{#gplus-share-button url=""}}Share{{/gplus-share-button}}
{{#email-share-button recipient="" title="Test subject" text="Test email"}}Send to email{{/email-share-button}}
{{#reddit-share-button title="Check this out!" url=""}}Share{{/reddit-share-button}}

{{share-panel adaptive=false title="Example title" text="Example text!" image="sorry didnt find any image" hashtags="example"}}

Icon credit

Icons are provided by Font Awesome's Ember plugin. Find out more about the usage here: