emoji-named-characters 1.0.2

A mapping of emoji names to their characters, as well as images.

Homepage: https://github.com/lukekarrys/emoji-named-characters

Platform: npm

Language: JavaScript

License: MIT

Keywords: emoji, characters

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A mapping of emoji names to their characters, as well as images.

What is this?

Two things:

  1. A list of all emojis by name and a directory of images from emoji-cheat-sheet.com. This was very easy and I took the idea of scraping hassankhan/emojify.js from henrikjoreteg/emoji-images.js.

  2. A mapping of all of those names to actual emoji characters. This was a little more difficult. If you look in the dev/ directory, you'll see some tools I used to achieve this.

What is provides

Support for browserify, amd, or a browser global. You will get an object with all the emojis. The keys are the names and each value looks like:

chicken: {
    character: '🐔',
    syllables: 2,
    type: ['noun', 'adjective']


Grab it here or on npm:

npm install emoji-named-characters

Missing Emoji Characters

bowtie feelsgood finnadie fu goberserk godmode hurtrealbad metal neckbeard octocat rage1 rage2 rage3 rage4 shipit squirrel suspect trollface



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