Gulp suck-less boilerplate utility for lazy loading tasks and passing config

npm install eslint-config-gulpy-boiler@1.0.1


Steps to Install & Run

  • Install NVM to manage/install NodeJS
  • nvm install 6 to install Node 6
  • npm i -g npm@3 to update your NPM
  • npm i -g gulp-cli to install Gulp task runner globally
  • npm i
  • npm run lerna:bootstrap
  • gulp babel compile all of the packages/*/dist for the first time
  • gulp watch
  • gulp build -q && gulp browser-sync prod like build, without uglification/minification
  • gulp build && gulp browser-sync prod like build, with uglification/minification


"packages" comprise the build and are build by the build. Therefore, if internal "packages" are in a bad state the "build/tasks/babel" ttask will override. Run gulp babel and an error might show in the terminal but packages should still build. Run any gulp task now and you should NOT see an error unless your compiled package has an error.


  • rm -rf packages/*/dist
  • gulp babel
  • gulp watch or gulp dev

Kil everything:

  • rm -rf node_modules && npm cache clean
  • rm -rf packages/*/(node_modules|dist)
  • npm i && npm run lerna:bootstrap

Returning Users

  • nvm use && gulp watch


  • install iron-node npm i -g iron-node@2.2.15
  • debug gulp tasks => first place debugger breakpoints
iron-node `which gulp` <your_task>


  • write tests in packages/*/test
  • gulp ava run all tests
  • gulp ava -f <test_file_name_no_ext> run single test
  • gulp ava --debug use iron-node to debug tests


  • add the flow pragma // @flow at the top of any file in the packages or build directory
  • gulp flow runs flow
  • gulp dev runs babel && flow and watches for changes
  • add declarations in the declarations directory and they will be exposed to flow globally