Diff tool for FBP graphs

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npm install fbp-diff@0.0.8



Diff utility for FBP graphs, making it easier to determine changes compare to using a naive textual diff of the JSON files.

FBP graphs are used to specify a Flow-based programming (FBP) or dataflow program, consisting of processes and connections between them. The processes are nodes in the graph, and the connections are edges.


fbp-diff is used by fbp-diffbot to provide diffs on Github pull requests.


Minimally useful

  • fbp-diff give a textual diff of node/connection/IIP changes, from a .json or .fbp file
  • fbp-git-diff can lookup diffs of a graph stored in git
  • fbp-git-log can show the diffs for graph across many git revisions


Note: You need to have Node.js installed

Install locally (recommended)

npm install fbp-diff

Alternative, install globally using NPM

npm install -g fbp-diff

Command-line usage

Add the command-line tools to PATH (not needed if installed globally)

export PATH=./node_modules/.bin:$PATH

Diff between two graphs

fbp-diff mygraph.json myothergraph.json

Diff between two versions of a graph stored in git

fbp-git-diff master otherbranch ./graphs/MyGraph.json

API Usage

fbp-diff also provides a JavaScript API.

var fbpDiff = require('fbp-diff');
var options = {
  // fromFormat: 'object', // don't parse fromGraph, it is a JS object of a graph (default)
  // toFormat: 'json', // parse toGraph .json format
  format: 'fbp' // specify toFormat and fromFormat in one go
var fromGraph = "'hello' -> concat(Concatinator)\n'world' -> concat -> IN (Print)";
var toGraph = "'hello' -> IN (Print)";
var diff = fbpDiff.diff(fromGraph, toGraph, options);


Also see ./doc/braindump.md

version 0.1 "minimally useful"

  • Implement diffing of graph properties
  • Implement basic grouping/heuristics/context to make the diff easier to understand
  • Support diffing of process/edge metadata
  • Support diffing of connection order changes


  • Add a visual diffing tool
  • Add a color-based text formatter. Should support console+HTML/Markdown
  • Add a --raw mode, which outputs the calculated diff as JSON