generate firebase backend with JSON

firebase, backend, json, generator, schema
npm install firebase-schema-generator@0.0.1


yeobase - do not use this: DEPRECATED

map the firebase backend to a plain old javascript object

important note

This branch is highly unstable and is not fit for use in deployment or development for that matter.

Check the master branch for the current version that's released on along with some docs and a filled in readme.


This package takes care of a lot of boilerplate code that comes with using firebase as a database backend.

What it does is that it creates a mapping-object with the end-points of where your data will be stored using a given 'schema'. The schema is just a plain JavaScript object with properties.

If the property is an array, it'll translate this to an array in the backend, and will scaffold out a few getter, setter & listener methods that can be used for easy data-handling.

what's coming

  • Actual implementation for helping with boilerplating the firebase backend CRUD operations,
  • Improved mapping for generating backend endpoints,
  • Support frontend data validation