Script to copy javascript files and append ".flow" to the filename.

flow, flowtype, build
npm install flow-copy-source@2.0.9



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This is a simple script which finds all .js, .jsx, and .mjs files in one or more source directories, and copies them into a destination directory with the .flow suffix appended to the filename.

This is intended to be used as a build step for Flow-typed Javascript projects so that the original typed source files can be placed in the same directory as the transpiled code, so that Flow can use the type definitions in the original source code.

Usage: bin/flow-copy-source.js [-v|--verbose] [-w|--watch] [-i PATTERN]... SRC... DEST

  -v, --verbose  Show changes                                          [boolean]
  -w, --watch    Re-copy files on change                               [boolean]
  -i, --ignore   ignore pattern (glob expression)

Multiple --ignore patterns may be given by using the --ignore option multiple times.

This module also exports the flowCopySource(sources, dest, options) function. sources must be an array of strings, dest must be a string, and options may optionally be an object with optional verbose and watch boolean properties. The function returns a promise for an array of {src, dest} objects listing the operations done.