**A library for creating nice and flexible gauge charts.**

npm install gauge-chart-oxygenai@0.5.6


Gauge Chart

A library for creating nice and flexible gauge charts.

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Demo | Documentation


The easiest way to get started is to install it via npm:

  npm install gauge-chart

beware that we moved from @recogizer/gauge-chart to gauge-chart

Or to add manually a link to the library into your html file:

  <script src=""></script>


Create an element for positioning gauge in your html file:

  <div id="gaugeArea"></div>

Now you're ready to draw your own gauge.

Just copy this code into your js / ts file or into <script> </script> tags in html file:

// Element inside which you want to see the chart
let element = document.querySelector('#gaugeArea')

// Properties of the gauge
let gaugeOptions = {
  hasNeedle: true,
  needleColor: 'gray',
  needleUpdateSpeed: 1000,
  arcColors: ['rgb(44, 151, 222)', 'lightgray'],
  arcDelimiters: [30],
  rangeLabel: ['0', '100'],
  centralLabel: '50',
  labelsColor: 'black',
  arcPaddingColor: 'white',

// Drawing and updating the chart
GaugeChart.gaugeChart(element, 300, gaugeOptions).updateNeedle(50)


Gauge Example

By default, the needle is pointing to 0, thus in order to move it you have to use .updateNeedle(val), where val denotes the value on the chart.

Feel free to change or delete any of the gaugeOptions properties as long as their values are in permitted ranges.


gaugeOptions: { ... }

Name Values Ranges Description
hasNeedle true / false determines whether to show the needle or not
needleColor value supported by CSS colorizes needle with specified colors
needleUpdateSpeed number ⩾ 0 determines the speed of needle update animation
arcColors array of values supported by CSS colorizes gauge with specified color
arcDelimiters array of numbers from 0 to 100 specifies delimiters of the gauge in ascending order
arcOverEffect true / false determines if over effect on ars is enabled or not
arcLabels array of strings specifies labels to be placed at delimiters ends
arcPadding number specifies padding between arcs (in pixels)
arcPaddingColor value supported by CSS color of the padding between delimeters
rangeLabel array of two strings depicts gauge ranges on both sides of the chart
centralLabel string depicts gauge inner label
labelsFont string specifies font-family to be used for labels
labelsColor string Change range label color and central label color
arcLabelColor string Change arc label color

.gaugeChart( ... )

Name Values Ranges Description
element html element specifies an element which contains a chart
chartWidth number larger than 0 gives a width to the gauge (height is always 0.5 * chartWidth)
gaugeOptions object provides gauge properties (can be empty)

.updateNeedle( ... )

Name Values Ranges Description
needleValue number from 0 to 100 specifies needle value on the gauge


Some examples of what you can get out of the library using different properties:

Gauge Examples


Build the library with npm run build. For a production version with console warnings, execute npm run build:prod_warn. This will fetch all dependencies and then compile the dist files. To see the examples locally you can start a web server with npm run dev and go to localhost:8080 (localhost:8081 if port 8080 is busy).


MIT License. Copyright (c) 2017-2019 RECOGIZER GROUP GmbH.


Alexey Karpov, Maxim Maltsev.