CLI SpringBoot microservices generator.

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npm install generator-springbootms@1.0.2



A ClI based tool to generate fully functional spring-boot microservices. Its based on Yeoman tool for CLI interpretation.

How to use?

> npm install -g yo
> npm install -g generator-springbootms
> yo springbootms

Local Development Setup

> git clone
> cd generator-springbootms
> npm install 
> npm link
> yo springbootms

Generate Endpoints withing services

> cd MyService
> yo springbootms:endpoint entityname --base-path /path


  1. Microservice

    • SpringBoot REST API with jar type packaging.
    • CORS configuration
    • Swagger UI Integration
    • Spring Data JPA integration with option to select databases like MySQL, Postgresql, MariaDB etc
    • Flyway or Liquibase data migration support
    • SpringBoot Actuator configuration
    • Integration with Config Server, Service Registry, Sleuth, Zipkin
    • TestContainers integration(Local Docker Setup is mandatory)
    • JUnit 5
    • Docker configuration for Application, ELK, Prometheus, Grafana
    • Jenkinsfile,TravisFile,
    • manifest.yml for PCF deployment.
    • Dockerfile for service.
  2. Spring Cloud Config Server

    • Config Server with Git and native backend configuration
  3. Service Registry

    • Service Registry based on Netflix Eureka

Main Menu

Microservice Generation

Generate SpringBoot Microservice

Microservice Generation

Genrated File

Microservice Generation

Generate REST API with CRUD operations

You can generate REST API with CRUD operation using the following command:

🔆 You should run the following command from within the generated project folder.

The command to generate endpoints and subsequent file is "yo springbootms:endpoint entityname --base-path path"

eg. MyService> yo springbootms:endpoint Customer --base-path /api/customers

This will generate:

  • JPA entity
  • Spring Data JPA Repository
  • Service
  • Spring MVC REST Controller with CRUD operations
  • Unit and Integration Tests for REST Controller
  • Flyway or Liquibase migration to create table

Microservice Generation

FolderStructure of generated services

Microservice Generation

SampleFiles of generated services

Microservice Generation

Sample config Files of generated services

Microservice Generation


Microservice Generation

PCF Manifest file

Microservice Generation


Microservice Generation

Sample controller

Microservice Generation