Get the github repositories for the specified owner or array of owners.

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npm install github-owner-repos@0.1.0


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Get the github repositories for the specified owner or array of owners.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save github-owner-repos


var ownerRepos = require('github-owner-repos');



Get all of the repositories for the specified owner or array of owners. Owners may be users or organizations. The result is an object where each key is an owner name and each value is an array of repositories for that owner.

Specify a filter function on the options to reduce the number of repositories return. Specify a username and password combo or a token to be used for authenticating to github to increase the rate limit on the api. See github-base documentation for more information.


  • owners {String|Array}: Single or multiple owners.
  • options {Object}: Additional options passed to github-base and used for filter.
  • options.filter {Function}: Optional filter function used to filter out returned repos.
  • cb {Function}: Optional callback function that will receive an err and result parameter. A promise is returned when the callback function is not provided.
  • returns {Promise}: When a callback function is not provided, a promise is returned


var options = {
  // only return "source" repositories
  // these are when repo.fork === false
  filter: function(repo) {
    return !repo.fork;

ownerRepos('doowb', options, function(err, result) {
  if (err) return console.error(err);
  //=> {
  //=>   doowb: [
  //=>     { name: ... },
  //=>     { name: ... },
  //=>     { name: ... }
  //=>   ]
  //=> }


Related projects

github-base: Base methods for creating node.js apps that work with the GitHub API. | homepage


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