Hapi Good plugin to send errors to Bugsnag error reporting service.

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npm install good-bugsnag-sb-temp-fix@1.1.2


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A good reporter implementation to write hapi server events to the Bugsnag. You'll need a bugsnag account and API key to use this plugin.

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npm i -S good-bugsnag


import good from 'good'

const reporters = [
    bugsnag: [{
      module: 'good-bugsnag'
      , args: [
            // add events to pass to good-squeeze subscription
            // bugsnag options
            apiKey: 'xxxxx'

await server.register({
    register: good
  , options: {reporters}


goodBugsnag(<Object> events, <Object> config)

Creates a new GoodBugsnag object with the following arguments:

  • events: an object of key value pairs.

    • key: one of the supported good events. Events, will send their data to Bugsnag.

    • value: a single string or an array of strings to filter incoming events. "*" indicates no filtering. null and undefined are assumed to be "*".

    • defaults:

        log: 'error'
      , error: '*'
      , request: 'error'
  • [config]: configuration object with the following available keys

    • apiKey: required your bugsnag API key.
    • autoNotify: defaults to false: Allows Hapi to report uncaught exceptions and send them via Good, rather than Bugsnag handling them on it's own. You probably want to leave this as the default.
    • any valid Bugsnag configuration option


Tests are in tape.

  • npm test will run the tests
  • npm run tdd will run the tests on every file change.


To publish, run npm run release -- [{patch,minor,major}]

NOTE: you might need to sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/node /usr/bin/node to ensure node is in your path for the git hooks to work


  • npm > 2.0.0 So that passing args to a npm script will work. npm i -g npm
  • git > 1.8.3 So that git push --follow-tags will work. brew install git


Artistic 2.0 © Joey Baker and contributors. A copy of the license can be found in the file LICENSE.