Minimalistic GraphQL framework

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npm install graffiti@1.1.0



Graffiti.js is a minimalistic GraphQL framework

This project is still under development

How to use

Install it:

$ npm install graffiti --save

After that, the file-system is the main API. Every .js file becomes a Mongoose schema that gets automatically processed and converted to GraphQL API.

Populate ./schema/note.js inside your project:

exports.schema = {
  name: String,
  body: String,
  // NOTE: Mongoose model names will always be capitalized versions of your filenames
  group: { type: 'ObjectId', ref: 'Collection' },

and /schema/collection.js:

exports.schema = {
  name: String,

and then just run graffiti dev and go to http://localhost:3000/playground

So far, we get:

  • Automatic creation of GraphQL APIs
  • Automatic relations between types (when using ObjectId as type)
  • Access to GraphQL playground (in development mode)
  • Way to add manual resolvers or GraphQL methods
  • Way to setup manual complex relations
  • Automatic app reload on schema changes

You can find detailed documentation in ./docs folder.
You can also find more examples in ./examples folder.

Future directions

The following issues are currently being explored and input from the community is appreciated:

  • Support for plugins (e.g. auth, next.js as front-end, etc.) [#1]

Special thanks

A huge thank you to Jay Phelps for releasing the "graffiti" npm package name to me!