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hubot, nodejs, proof-of-concept, ssh
npm install hubot-sshbot@0.1.0


SSH Hubot

An SSH based Hubot adapter to allow Hubot to be accessed from an SSH client.


This adapter was built for demoing Hubot easily. It doesn't have any security measures in place (not password or public key authentication). I don't recommend using this for any real-world scenarios in its current state.

Using this adapter

Install the adapter into your Hubot.

npm install --save hubot-sshbot

Specify the location of a Private Key the server can use.

export HUBOT_SSH_HOST_KEY=~/.ssh/id_rsa

Optionally set a port for the server to listen on (default to 3050).

export HUBOT_SSH_PORT=22

Start your Hubot.

bin/hubot -a sshbot

SSH into your Hubot.

ssh localhost -p 3050