Infor Design System's Enterprise Components

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Infor Design System's Enterprise component library is a framework-independent UI library consisting of CSS and JS that provides Infor product development teams, partners, and customers the tools to create user experiences that are approachable, focused, relevant, perceptive.

For guidelines on when and where to use the components see the

Key Features

  • Themes
  • Responsive
  • Touch
  • Retina Ready with SVG icons
  • Globalization / internationalization
  • Security XSS
  • 140 Components

Browser Support

We support the latest release and the release previous to the latest (R-1) for browsers and OS versions. Which maps out as follows:

IE / Edge
IE / Edge
iOS Safari
iOS Safari
IE11, Edge R-1 R-1 R-1 R-1

Getting the code into your project


To install, run:

npm install --save ids-enterprise

The files can then be seen in the folder ./node_modules/ids-enterprise/dist


You can now get the scripts and CSS from a CDN on AWS. For example, the paths for the 4.7.0 releases would be:

Versions available on CDN are: 4.3.2, 4.3.3, 4.3.4, 4.3.5, 4.7.0

Note: There may be a cost involved to using this with Infor's amazon s3 account so keep this in mind when using.

Running the development project

Install pre-requisites

  • Install node for following the directions for your OS
  • On Windows, you'll need to install Python. Make sure the version is at least 2.5.0 but not Python 3.
  • Also on Windows, you should run git config core.autocrlf false

Clone the repo

  • Clone the repo using git: git clone
  • cd into the repo directory

Running the app

From within the project folder:

  • Run npm start to build and start the web server
  • Make a new terminal window and from within your project folder run npx grunt watch to watch for any file changes and rebuild
  • Open up localhost:4000 in a browser to see the local app

Note that at this point any changes you make will cause SASS to recompile and the browser will reload.

You’ll see documentation pages unless they aren’t generated, then you’ll see the demos and directory lists only. You can optionally run npm run documentation to see the full component documentation.

Running the tests

Functional tests are the primary way we test the codebase. To run the tests, run npm run functional:local.

Editor Plugins

This project uses eslint and editorconfig. You may want to add the following plugins to your editor to help comply with our coding standards: eslint for Atom and VS Code, as well as editorconfig for Atom and VS Code


Soho XI's current documentation can be found at

You can also find a subset of documentation at localhost:4000/components when running the project locally. To contribute you can edit the files for a component or add JSDocs comments to the source files for inline settings and events.

Contacting Us and Updates

This project is an open source project. Please see the contribution guidelines for this project.

Use Github Issues to report all requests, bugs, questions, and feature requests.

For release updates see our upcoming and past version in our releases.

If you're an Infor employee, you can join our MS Teams Group for updates.