An opinionated "Bootstrap like" component classes CSS powered by TailwindCSS.

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npm install initbase-clean-ui@1.1.5


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Migration to 2.x

This project (1.x version) is still experimental and is not ready yet for production. A lot of things can be changing along the way. But it totally fine if you want to use it in your side project as I used it in my side project too.

In 2.x, hopefully everything will be stable with built-in javascript function from CleanUI. The building of 2.x version would probably be started in May 2021. It's possibly moving to another NPM package for 2.x.

Contributing Guides

Documentation site is built with Nuxt Content Docs theme.

You can head to /docs to work on documentation site.

For CSS classes are located in directory /src/components. Please follow the file separation style.

While, /dist is an autogenerated directory generated on build process.

Otherwise are just unused directories / files.


  • Alert
  • Badges
  • Button
  • Card
  • Checks and radios
  • Forms
  • Footer
  • Layout
  • Modal
  • Navbar
  • Select
  • Sidebar
  • Tabbar
  • Tooltips