An Blog Generator

blog, inkpad, markdown
npm install inkpad-blog@0.0.11


An Blog Generator

Ideas and future plans


npm install -g inkpad-blog

Generate a sample blog:

inkpad-blog --id 2dFtYP8H76

The generated static files output is now in _build and can be copied over to your nginx or push to Github Pages or just something that can serve static html files.

Render 5 blog posts per page (default 3)

inkpad-blog --id 2dFtYP8H76 --per-page 5

Custom Themes

mkdir ~/my-inkpad-blog-theme
cp templates/* ~/my-inkpad-blog-theme/
inkpad-blog --id 2dFtYP8H76 --templates-path ~/my-inkpad-blog-theme/

Note All files placed in a folder called public within the template-path will be copied over, preserving their path and name. This helps with JS, CSS, images, CNAME, and other asset files that are required by your theme.