A command line Instagram media notifier!

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npm install instafy@1.0.8


A command-line Instagram media and story notifier


$ npm install --global instafy


$ sudo npm install --global instafy



Keep your browser history clean!

Usage   : instafy <username> | [command] <username>

Command :
  -r,  --remove        remove a user from istafy list
  -c,  --clean         clean instafy directory
  -h,  --help          show help

 Example :
   $ instafy 9gag


You need to run the command, twice.

  • When you first run $ instafy username ~

    • it initializes the username and saves the current number of posts.
  • When you run it for the second time ~

    • compares the current number of locally saved posts with total number of posts uploaded by the user to display the notifications accordingly.
    • displays the number of stories uploaded by the user (if the profile is public)


  • I made this tool because of the memes.
  • Useless but prevents you from polluting your browser history.
  • Before checking user's profile, check if they've uploaded any story or post.
  • Script is fast. You can alias it to a keyword and save it in your .bashrc or .zshrc profile to make your work easier.

Example :

alias x="instafy username"


  • In case you think if this tool is missing something, you can file an issue or submit a PR.

  • 9GAG < Reddit


  • instavim : Command line Instagram media downloader.
  • migger : Download media from the URL that contains multiple images/videos on Instagram!
  • istalk : Stalk Instagram users from the command line!
  • instagram-id-of : Find UserID of any Instagram user from command line!
  • instagram-profile-picture : An API to get url to the profile picture and other Instagram medias.
  • instagram-links : Get links to the publically shared media on Instagram.


MIT © Rishi Giri