Israel Postal Service API

An API for Israel postal service - query shipment price easily. Supports both NodeJS and browser environments. 📦 Documentation.

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npm install --save israel-postal-service-api


Import library:

import { IPS, Options } from 'israel-postal-service-api';

Define Package Characteristics:

// define package shipment characteristics
let weightInGrams = 20;
let serviceType = Options.AbroadMailOptions.LETTER.shipmentType;
let serviceSubtype = Options.AbroadMailOptions.LETTER.shipmentSubtypes.regular;
let option = serviceSubtype.options.signed;

// initialize service
let postalService = new IPS();

Calculate Shipping Rate:

// calculate package shipping rate asynchronously
let response = await postalService.calculateAbroadShippingRate(
    "Spain", weightInGrams, serviceType, serviceSubtype, option);

// see {@class ResponseParser} API to discover the response structure

Supported Environments

  • 💻 Browser (including browserify / webpack based environments [such as Angular])
  • 🖥 Node.js



If you're having any problem, please raise an issue on GitHub and we'll be happy to help.


Before submitting a pull request, please make sure that you include tests, and that jshint runs without any warnings: Download VSCode extension.


Run the test suite by executing:

$ npm test

Note: This API was create as an open source service for makers and entrepreneurs. This is not an official API for Israel Post service.

Author: Benny Megidish.