A CLI tool for finding the time and location of the next JaxNode meeting.

npm install jaxnodenext@0.1.2


JaxNode Command Line tool

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Screenshot of command line

This tool can be used to find the next jaxnode meeting. Simply type 'jnn' into your console to find out when and where the next JaxNode meeting will take place.

To install this command line utility, use the following example.

npm install -g jaxnodenext

To find out when the next meeting will take place, type the following command;

> jnn
 _____                       __  __               __             
/\___ \                     /\ \/\ \             /\ \            
\/__/\ \     __      __  _  \ \ `\\ \     ___    \_\ \      __   
   _\ \ \  /'__`\   /\ \/'\  \ \ , ` \   / __`\  /'_` \   /'__`\ 
  /\ \_\ \/\ \L\.\_ \/>  </   \ \ \`\ \ /\ \L\ \/\ \L\ \ /\  __/ 
  \ \____/\ \__/.\_\ /\_/\_\   \ \_\ \_\\ \____/\ \___,_\\ \____\
   \/___/  \/__/\/_/ \//\/_/    \/_/\/_/ \/___/  \/__,_ / \/____/

The next JaxNode meeting will be on Jan 21, 2016 6:30 PM at Availity

This tool will allow to view the help options using the following command;

> jnn --help
  Usage: index [options]


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -d, --details  More details about the meetup
    -m, --map      Google Map to Meetup location
    -l, --link     Open the home page url
    -a, --address  Show the venue address
    -e, --easteregg  Tell you friends to 'jnn -e' LoL!

The --details option will give you the full meeting title and description.

The --map option will open up a Google map in your default browser of the venue location for the next meetup.

The --link opens up the JaxNode.com website in your default web browser. We display the next meetup information on our home page.

The --address displays the venue address for the next meetup.

The --easteregg is, well, you will have to check that one out for yourself.

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