http request with controller

controller, koa, http
npm install js-controller@0.0.6


A simple controller scaffold

Simple controller scaffolding for small individual projects


npm i js-controller


// Import Library
import { runApp } from "js-controller";
// Launch App
// Or pass the configuration file directory at startup

For a complete example, please refer to the project under test directory

Configuration file conventions

  • When starting the application, you can specify the configuration file root runApp("path/to/configRoot"), if not specified, the default is the config folder in the project root
  • Assuming the configuration file root directory is config, config/main.js must exist to represent the generic configuration file
  • Assuming that the configuration file root is config, config/[process.env.NODE_ENV].js must exist to represent the environment-related configuration file

Assuming the configuration file root is config, then:


Configuration item conventions

Scaffolding supports mongodb database by default and will automatically connect if the mongodb connection parameter is included in the configuration project

// For mongodb databases
interface MongodbConnectOption {
  // Host name
  host: string;
  // Port number
  port: string;
  // The default database to connect to
  database?: string;
  // user name
  user?: string;
  // password
  password?: string;
  // Whether debugging is enabled or not
  debug?: boolean;

interface ConfigOption {
  // Listen to the local address
  httpHost?: string;
  // The port to listen on
  httpPort?: number | string;
  // If or not debugging is enabled, this mode will output errors and other information
  debug: boolean;
  // POST request body limit (bytes)
  postBodyLimit?: number;
  // Controller root directory
  controllerRootDir: string;
  // name of the hook that is triggered before the action is called
  onBeforeActionHook?: string;
  // The name of the hook that fires after the action is invoked
  onAfterActionHook?: string;
  // mongodb database linking option
  mongodbConnectOption?: MongodbConnectOption;

The configuration item controllerRootDir is required and represents the root directory of the controller files

Routing rules


For example: /module/article/search

The last part of the path search will be treated as the action name, and the previous part /module/article will be treated as the path to the controller file, which will eventually resolve to

  • Controller file: path/to/[controllerRootDir]/module/article.js
  • Action name: search

Controller filenames and action names are case-insensitive:

/module/ArtIcle/search  legal, controller is not case sensitive
/module/ArtIcle/seArch  legal, controller and action are case insensitive
/module/article/SeaRch  legal, actions are case insensitive

Controller Conventions

The controller file corresponds to a module, this module must have a default exported class, js-controller will instantiate that class and then call the actions of that class as follows:

// Controller
export default class Article {
    // TODO

The corresponding path is /path/to/article/search


Clone the project, run it at the same time, you can open the development test, test directory for the test code

npm run ts
npm run dev