A simple jsdoc template based on the default jsdoc template.

jsdoc, template
npm install jsdoc-simple-template@0.0.1


This simple template for JSDoc 3 uses: the Taffy Database library and the Underscore Template library.

Generating Typeface Fonts

The default template uses the OpenSans typeface. The font files can be regenerated as follows:

  1. Open the OpenSans page at Font Squirrel.
  2. Click on the 'Webfont Kit' tab.
  3. Either leave the subset drop-down as 'Western Latin (Default)', or, if we decide we need more glyphs, than change it to 'No Subsetting'.
  4. Click the 'DOWNLOAD @FONT-FACE KIT' button.
  5. For each typeface variant we plan to use, copy the 'eot', 'svg' and 'woff' files into the 'templates/default/static/fonts' directory.

How is this template different from the default?

It features some minor customizations so it can:

  1. Be used standalone
  2. So it doesn't have duplicated h1s when using the JSDoc feature to import a project README.md.