Knex Postgres Data Access Layer for LDPoS

ldpos, posgres, knex, dal
npm install ldpos-knex-dal@4.4.2



Postgres Data Access Layer for LDPoS.

Install docker

Starting postgres

  • Run yarn start:db to start postgres instance inside docker
  • Type ctrl+c, yarn stop:dbto stop & remove old db instance.

Starting pgadmin

  • Run yarn start:pgadmin
  • Visit localhost:8081 for pgadmin interface.
  • Login using creds specified in docker-compose.yml file under pgadmin service.
  • Click Add New Server -> General Tab -> Name = Test-Server
  • Click Connection tab -> Host name/address = postgres_db -> Port = 5432 -> Maintenance database = neutral
  • Copy creds for login from docker-compose.yml file under db service

Working with database migrations

  • Create migration using yarn migrate:make migrration_name e.g. yarn migrate:make create_table_table_name
  • Set migration names descriptive, follow snake case for migration name and table names (column names can be kept camelCase).
  • To run migration against db, run
    yarn migrate
  • To rollback migration
    yarn migrate:rollback

Creating seeds

  • Create migration using yarn seed:make seed_name e.g. yarn seed:make accounts
  • follow snake case for seeds and seed name is usually table name.
  • To run seeds against db, run
    yarn seed