LoopBack passport integration to support third party logins and account linking

StrongLoop, LoopBack, social, login, security
npm install loopback-component-passport-plus@3.8.1



NOTE: This module supersedes loopback-passport. Please update your package.json accordingly.

The module provides integration between LoopBack and Passport to support third-party login and account linking for LoopBack applications.

Please see the official documentation for more information.

All local accounts requires verification

All third party accounts will login with an email of uniqueID@loopback.provider.com example 123456@loopback.facebook.com

which will allow the user to link the social media accounts that they want as well as the users could sign up with the same email account that is used for facebook/twitter/google/local if they wish to keep them separate.

Facebook profile information (such as email, gender, timezone, etc) may still be included if necessary. See https://github.com/strongloop/loopback-example-passport/blob/master/README.md#4-facebook-profile-info.

All user required info including the email will be available, but the main email for the account will remain uniqueID@loopback.facebook.com.