A list of neat projects made in India.

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Made in India

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A list of neat projects made in India.



🌟 Name Description 🌍
1611 @shyamseshadri/angularjs-book Examples and Code snippets from the AngularJS O'Reilly book
1466 @chinchang/cta.js Animate your 'action-to-effect' paths ↗️
705 @chinchang/superplaceholder.js ⚡Super charge your input placeholders ↗️
503 @rakeshpai/pi-gpio A simple node.js-based GPIO helper for the Raspberry Pi
452 @chinchang/screenlog.js Bring console.log on the screen
387 @shyamseshadri/angularjs-up-and-run… All the source code for the AngularJS Up & Running Book for O'Reilly
258 @chinchang/code-blast-codemirro… Particles blasts while typing in Codemirror ↗️
250 @hemanth/paws-on-es6 Minimalist examples of ES6 functionalities. ↗️
231 @arvindr21/diskDB A Lightweight Disk based JSON Database with a MongoDB like API for Node ↗️
222 @s-yadav/patternLock A light weight plugin to simulate android like pattern lock interface for your hybrid app or website. ↗️
125 @pksunkara/npm-police policing the dependency packages versions
112 @pksunkara/inflect custom inflections for nodejs
110 @pksunkara/semicolon A language of semicolons ↗️
102 @chinchang/picssel-art An app to create pixel art using only CSS ↗️
95 @hemanth/koa-rest REST demo with koa. ↗️
91 @s-yadav/contextMenu.js contextMenu.js is a plugin to create windows like context menu with keyboard interaction, different type of inputs ,trigger events and much more. ↗️
91 @arvindr21/mydashboard node webkit based dashboard app
88 @arvindr21/blueimp-file-upload-… A simple express module for integrating jQuery File Upload. ↗️
87 @shijuvar/react-aspnet Demo app with React and ASP.NET Web API
83 @s-yadav/jsonQ A JavaScript library to make manipulation and extraction of data from a JSON very easy and fast. ↗️
76 @vickychijwani/closer.js 💻 Clojure parser and core library in JavaScript, compatible with the Mozilla Parser API. ↗️
68 @s-yadav/radialIndicator A simple and light weight circular indicator / progressbar plugin. ↗️
67 @arvindr21/cli-adventure-games Text Based Adventure Games built with Node.js ↗️
61 @chinchang/simplezoom.js A tiny JavaScript library to preview images, better way! ↗️
59 @hemanth/node-nightly node-nightly at your finger tips! ↗️
52 @chinchang/IsoBlocks A library to create eye-candy isometric texts. ↗️
46 @arvindr21/vTak A Desktop based Chat app with node-webkit, Firebase and Angularjs
44 @arvindr21/jsTree-directive An Angular Directive for jsTree. Docs : ↗️
41 @arvindr21/BucketListApp BucketListApp ↗️
41 @arvindr21/pi_livestreaming Raspberry Pi, Camera and Node.js – Live Streaming with Websockets #IoT ↗️
39 @shijuvar/EFMVC.Azure Extending the EFMVC app for adding Windows Azure specific features
38 @arvindr21/slush-wean A slush generator to generate Webkit Express Angular Node desktop apps
37 @hemanth/generator-atom Yeoman generator for atom editor packages.
37 @s-yadav/modalBox.js A very light weight and minimal plugin to display modal window. ↗️
37 @arvindr21/expressjs-fileupload A simple express module for integrating jQuery File Upload. ↗️
35 @amitmerchant1990/electron-markdownify A minimal Markdown editor desktop app based on Electron ↗️
34 @s-yadav/ImageViewer A zooming and panning plugin inspired by google photos for your web images.
33 @s-yadav/patternCaptcha Android like pattern matching captcha system for your node webapps. ↗️
31 @shashankmehta/slick.js Embed presentations when you can't use SpeakerDeck or SlideShare ↗️
29 @arvindr21/slush-meanjs A slush generator to scaffold MEAN Apps
28 @arvindr21/nwk-videochat Node-Webkit, WebRTC and Angularjs – A Video Chat Client
27 @hemanth/es6-lab-setup Setup your ES6 Lab. ↗️
26 @shijuvar/Koa-CRUD A CRUD demo for Koa.js and Node.js
26 @pksunkara/pygments.js A pygments wrapper for nodejs
25 @arvindr21/ng2do-mean-app Developing a MEAN app with Angular 2.0 ↗️
25 @shijuvar/HapiAzure Single Page Application (SPA) Demo with Hapi.js, AngularJS and Azure Table Storage.
23 @chinchang/super-search Easy to add search for your blog ↗️
23 @arvindr21/generator-framework7… A yeoman Generator for scaffolding Framework7/PhoneGap App
22 @arvindr21/ngTwitterApp Angularjs, Material Design and Twitter Streams – A Twitter Live Search App
20 @arvindr21/wordpress-offline-vi… Electron, WordPress & Angular Material – An Offline Viewer
20 @arvindr21/mediaPlayerApp Ionic Framework, Cordova and File API – A Media Player App ↗️
20 @arvindr21/myTwilioApp Twilio, Ionic Framework and Node.js – A Message & Call App
20 @shripadk/express-juggernaut-d… Mating express.js and juggernaut 2!
19 @hemanth/ramda-repl Ramdajs REPL.
18 @arvindr21/remindme A Twilio Reminder App ↗️
17 @hemanth/grunt-usemin-example Minimalist example of grunt-usemin.
17 @hemanth/greener Fetches all your node modules and keeps them green, with greenkeeper.
16 @arvindr21/chatter Node Webkit, Firebase and Ionic Framework – A one to one chat client ↗️
16 @s-yadav/eventPause.js eventPause is a tiny plugin with lots of methods to control events. So whenever you want you can pause and activate any event. ↗️
16 @webtunings/youtube Code of Youtube channel screencasts
16 @arvindr21/MEAN-Todo-App A Todo MEAN App - MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs and Nodejs ↗️
16 @hemanth/generator-pwa Yeoman generator for a progressive webapp. ↗️
16 @arvindr21/generator-onsenui-ph… A yeoman Generator for scaffolding Onsen UI/PhoneGap App
15 @arvindr21/restify-mongojs-app
15 @hemanth/bangalore-startups Ever growing list of startups in Bangalore.
15 @hemanth/gulp-cleanhtml remove unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc from the HTML.
15 @hemanth/power-off Cross OS power-off.
15 @arvindr21/todoApp Re-Architecting a Firebase app to work with Node.js and MongoDB ↗️
15 @arvindr21/slush-mongo A slush generator for MongoDB
14 @hemanth/gulp-jstransform Gulp plugin to transform ES6 to ES5.
14 @webtunings/node.js-examples example code of my youtube channel - webtunings
14 @arvindr21/dropzone-express-fil… Fileupload with Dropzone & Express.js ↗️
14 @hemanth/head-it Easy interface for head ↗️
13 @shyamseshadri/angularjs-workshop-3…
13 @hemanth/interview-time Prepare for your technical interviews!
13 @Manishearth/AnnoTabe Annotations for tabs in Chrome ↗️
13 @santhoshtr/wiki2cd [ABANDONED] Tool to create an offline repository or CD from a selected list of topics from wikipedia
13 @kirang89/play-gradle Some Gradle scripts for Play! Framework
12 @arvindr21/lazyboy Command line laziness redefined! This module is language agonistic. It can store any command line statement as shortcuts! ↗️
12 @hemanth/nw-wiki-app A simple sample app to demo the usage of node-webkit.
12 @rmehta/whiteboardapp simple web based whiteboard [abandoned]
12 @hemanth/xkcd-img Custom Polymer element for displaying random images from XKCD!
12 @chinchang/Bouncy_HTML5 HTML5 version of my game Bouncy. ↗️
11 @arvindr21/ngMovieStub Online Movie tickets booking via Angularjs - A Hands on tutorial.
10 @arvindr21/myIonicFireApp A Ionic Framework + Firebase BucketList app - Code ↗️
10 @pksunkara/node-redirect A simple redirection server in node.js
10 @Manishearth/Manish-Codes
10 @s-yadav/react-number-format React component to format number in an input or as a text.
10 @hemanth/react-mui-base BaseComponent for react-material-ui
10 @hemanth/blood-donor Donors for a blood type.
10 @shijuvar/NodeExpressMongo Building Windows Azure Web Sites by using Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose and MongoDB
10 @arvindr21/ionCordova Getting Started with ngCordova
10 @pksunkara/react-mdl React components for Material Design Lite
10 @hemanth/node-rsj rss as json
9 @hemanth/orly-cover-bot The source that is governing https://twitter.com/OreillyCover
9 @shripadk/d3-externs Closure Externs for D3 Visualization Library
9 @chinchang/chinchang.github.com My personal site and blog ↗️
9 @hemanth/node-prepend-file Prepend data to a file.
9 @hemanth/gulp-html2jsx Converts HTML to JSX for use with React.
9 @shripadk/google-closure-image… This is a simple image plugin for those of you who want to implement one until Google releases the official plugin. This is not feature complete.
9 @hemanth/manifest-json Creates manifest.json for your PWA. ↗️
8 @hemanth/is-incognito Detects incognito mode.
8 @chinchang/konsole.table console.table polyfill for Node.js
8 @rakeshpai/dojotoolkit dojo fork from freelock
8 @hemanth/github-upstreamer Auto configure a remote for a fork! ↗️
8 @rmehta/chaiproject web app framework ↗️
8 @hemanth/joel-test Rate the quality of a software team!
8 @hemanth/node-yoda-said Yoda quotes on CLI a trribute to Master Yoda!
8 @webtunings/closure Code of JavaScript functions & scope book
8 @hemanth/node-xkcd-img xkcd-img module for node.js
7 @webtunings/canvas-examples code of youtube canvas lectures
7 @pksunkara/bullet A simple lightweight MVC with express
7 @rakeshpai/pi-motor Control a quadruple half-H-bridge IC using node.js and the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins
7 @hemanth/is-mp3 Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is MP3 file.
6 @s-yadav/fqueue A micro-plugin to queue function execution to handle asynchronous flow and stepping through functions. ↗️
6 @geohacker/indicwiki Visualizing the Indic Wikipedia Community.
6 @shripadk/node-nexmo Nexmo Node Library ↗️
6 @rakeshpai/airtel-chrome-extens… Shows your Airtel Internet usage in Chrome, if you are on a broadband Airtel connection in India.
6 @shijuvar/AzureCloudServices Multi-Tier Windows Azure Cloud Services App with Web Role, Worker Role, Table Storage and Service Bus
5 @abhisekp/Practice-Modern-Java… A boilerplate to setup and Practice Modern JavaScript ↗️
5 @pksunkara/voila best asset manager one can get in nodejs
5 @santhoshtr/uca.js Unicode Collation Algorithm- Javascript implementation
5 @rakeshpai/fn-helpers Some JS function helpers I use regularly
5 @chinchang/web-maker Replace your Chrome tabs with an offline web experiment playground ↗️
5 @iambibhas/open-chat A video conferencing app that can run on LAN, without the need of Internet.
4 @shijuvar/RESTNode REST API samples using Node.js with MongoDB and Mongoose
4 @dineshkummarc/liquidcarousel
4 @santhoshtr/tofudetector Measure the rendering capacity for language scripts in a client browser context by detecting tofu ↗️
4 @rakeshpai/mysensors-controller A partial implementation of the MySensors serial protocol as a node.js module.
4 @jaseemabid/fooChat A couchDB based real time chat system
4 @pksunkara/flatiron-cli-version flatiron cli plugin for showing version ↗️
4 @shripadk/jTube jQuery plugin for Youtube API ↗️
4 @chinchang/ggj13 HTML5 game where you see only when your heart beats! ↗️
3 @chinchang/Defenders-From-Past An HTML5 game made for BYOG, April 2012 ↗️
3 @s-yadav/coequal.js coequal is a small utility function to check equality of all data types and objects in JavaScript. ↗️
3 @rmehta/chart-builder Simple Charting Tool using Chart.js and SlickGrid
3 @Manishearth/MathToTeX
3 @shashankmehta/minimal-8tracks Minimal 8tracks. No clutter. Bliss.
3 @shashankmehta/inotes Extract your notes, highlights from Apple's iBooks on OSX
3 @pksunkara/codecollab An online code collaboration tool in nodejs
3 @dineshkummarc/Html5-Templates
3 @pksunkara/flatiron-cli-ok Flatiron cli plugin to welcome and show status of the command executed ↗️
3 @jaseemabid/Debian-Mirror The NITC debian mirror website ↗️
2 @dineshkummarc/txt2sound.js JavaScript library that converts text to live audio.
2 @dineshkummarc/WindowXPUI Windows XP Look alike UI for Websites using javascript
2 @dineshkummarc/ERPthon ERPthon, ERP framework written in python
2 @dineshkummarc/dotnetgallery
2 @dineshkummarc/IE9-comparison The truth behind microsoft's comparison chart ↗️
2 @shyamseshadri/angularjs-workshop Session by session for the AngularJS workshop
2 @shyamseshadri/angularjs-directive-… Simple Step by Step ANgularJS Directive tutorial for JSSummit
2 @dineshkummarc/leanback_player_v0.8…
2 @dineshkummarc/nodejs-windows-all-i… Install NodeJS as a Windows Service, with hot reloading, conventions, simple deploy, copy and run
2 @geohacker/osm-roundabouts Find roundabouts in OSM using TileReduce and QA Tiles
2 @dineshkummarc/google-doodle
2 @geohacker/geojson-stream-merge Create a single FeatureCollection from line delimited GeoJSON FeatureCollections
2 @dineshkummarc/nanek.github.com ↗️
2 @geohacker/latex-workshop Content for the Latex Workshop
2 @rakeshpai/optimus Does what Optimus Prime does, cause Optimus is cool like that.
2 @geohacker/cartonama-worshop Cartonama Workshop Website
2 @dineshkummarc/gnomeweb-wml gnomeweb-wml ↗️
2 @pksunkara/node-suite A simple diff based test suite for executable programs with outputs
2 @dineshkummarc/smart-tasks Smart Platform sample application for the "Becoming Smart" tutorial ↗️
2 @dineshkummarc/selfhtml-forum-js Benutzer-JavaScript für das SELFHTML-Forum ↗️
2 @dineshkummarc/FullscreenSlideshowA…
2 @dineshkummarc/blog-6 My Blog
2 @dineshkummarc/events.jquery.org
2 @dineshkummarc/liike.github.com Source for the Project Liike blog ↗️
2 @dineshkummarc/smart-library Joyent Smart Platform JavaScript Library ↗️
2 @s-yadav/LongListScroller A small plugin to handle long list scroll using IScroll
2 @dineshkummarc/uglify-tests testing performance of uglify using php and shell exec command
2 @jaseemabid/lehd When am I going to Leh? ↗️
2 @dineshkummarc/sizzlejs.com
2 @jaseemabid/teamunwired.org The teamunwired website ↗️
2 @dineshkummarc/ParallexTemplates
2 @dineshkummarc/twitter-widget-sourc… twitter-widget-source is an application using HTML 5 and jquery to get twitter feeds
2 @dineshkummarc/Google-body-r26 Google Bode Code upto Revision 26
2 @s-yadav/FlakeId Twittter Snowflake like unique id generator plugin for nodejs and browser
2 @dineshkummarc/Persistent-Sticky-No… Persistent-Sticky-Notes is a notes UI using html5 and Jquery and CSS3
2 @dineshkummarc/homura-compiler homura-compiler, a online complier for C#, java and C++ code to compile and run inside your favourite borwser. the code is written in python and supports jquery and jquery easing libraries.
2 @dineshkummarc/iisnode-boilerplate Um template de website pronto para usar com node-service, que torna o desenvolvimento web ABSURDAMENTE rápido. Copy-Paste-Run. Contempla os arquivos HTML, CSS e JS mais usados e com as melhores práticas
2 @chinchang/cssconf-asia My slides and game source for CSSConf.Asia '14 ↗️
2 @dineshkummarc/MacLeopardDesktop MacLeopardDesktop is a Linux, Macintosh Look alike UI for Websites using javascript, Jquery and CSS3


🌟 Name Description 🌍
1815 @ragunathjawahar/android-saripaar UI form validation library for Android
1783 @naman14/Timber Material Design Music Player
736 @rahulrj/YahooNewsOnboarding Demo of the onboarding animations of Yahoo News App
674 @naman14/MaterialPowerMenu A demo of the power menu with Reveal and other animations
503 @FaizMalkani/Fabulous [DEPRECATED]
466 @anupcowkur/Reservoir Android library to easily serialize and cache your objects to disk using key/value pairs.
395 @ragunathjawahar/adapter-kit Adapter Kit is a set of useful adapters for Android.
379 @naman14/PlayAnimations A demo of various animation in latest PlayGames app
354 @anupcowkur/Android-Wheel-Menu Simple and easy to use circular menu widget for Android.
344 @naman14/WashingMachineView An interactive view with water waves flowing like in a Washing machine
339 @learnNcode/MediaChooser Library to browse & select videos and images from disk.
308 @naman14/PlayNewsStandDemo Demo app for achieving UI like the one used in latest Google Play Newsstand app.
296 @Suleiman19/Android-Material-Des… Various UI implementations, animations & effects based on Material Design compatible with pre Lollipop devices as well. (Work in progess) ↗️
271 @RaghavSood/AndroidCircularSeekB… A circular seek bar for Android
246 @ragunathjawahar/instant-adapter Just like instant coffee, saves 78% of your time on Android's Custom Adapters.
222 @learnNcode/GmailLikePullToRefre… Gmail like pull to refresh implementation.
219 @ishan1604/uberprogressview An android progress view developed after taking inspiration from Uber app.
194 @rahulrj/ChromeOverflowMenu Overflow Menu animation similar to Chrome For Android
169 @learnNcode/ScrollBarPanelWithCl… Path like scrollbar panel with clock.
159 @rahulrj/Swipe_RecyclerView Modifed SwipeList by 47deg to work with RecyclerView
157 @naman14/S-Tools Keep track of your CPU and Sensors alongwith useful features like Color Picker,Compass and device information
153 @ragunathjawahar/simple-section-adapt… The SIMPLEST Section Adapter for Android
119 @omerjerk/RemoteDroid App to control your android device from another Android device or a PC over the internet connection
114 @PareshMayani/DesignSupportLibrary… Examples - Android design support library components
93 @rahulrj/WinKal Android version of Windows Phone Date Picker
85 @RaghavSood/ProAndroidAugmentedR… Official repository for Pro Android Augmented Reality (http://www.apress.com/9781430239451)
76 @sivaprasadreddy/Java-Persistence-wit… MyBatis
73 @ragunathjawahar/android-typeface-tex… [DEPRECATED] TextView that allows custom typefaces from XML
71 @in28minutes/SpringIn28Minutes Spring Tutorial For Beginners ↗️
65 @naman14/FieldMapView A demo of MapView as in FieldTrip with smooth animations
54 @in28minutes/SpringMvcStepByStep Spring MVC Tutorial for beginners - In 25 Small Steps ↗️
50 @anupcowkur/MVPSample A sample project showing the use of MVP in android
43 @PareshMayani/Gallery-MultiPhotoSe… How to select multiple photos from Gallery?
41 @RaghavSood/AppaholicsUpdateChec… A free and open source library to check for and install updates for non app store apps.
28 @ragunathjawahar/circular-list-adapte… A simple Circular List Adapter for Android
27 @algorithmica-reposit…/top20 It consists of all the code examples of Top-20 course across all years.
26 @Suleiman19/Masonry Pinterest style Masonry Layout using StaggeredGrid ↗️
24 @learnNcode/2DScroller Customized listview implementation.
24 @manishsri01/CustomCalendarAndroi… calendar view in android ↗️
22 @RaghavSood/CompilingLauncher2 A compiling version of Launcher 2 from the Android ICS source code
19 @manishsri01/CustomGridView Custom Grid View Example in Android
19 @Suleiman19/ParseApp Android app using Parse SDK as backend with a Facebook Login. ↗️
19 @PareshMayani/WearableListViewDemo WeableListView basic examples ↗️
17 @PareshMayani/Contextual-Action-Ba… A Contextual action bar (CAB) is a temporary action bar that overlays the app’s action bar for the duration of a particular sub-task.
16 @Swati4star/NSIT-App-v2 📚 The official NSITonline app - 'NSIT Connect' that aims to act as a companion app for NSIT students ↗️
16 @RaghavSood/CompilingAndroidMail Android mail client from AOSP modified to compile
14 @in28minutes/JavaWebApplicationSt… JSP Servlets Video Tutorial For Beginners - in 25 Steps ↗️
14 @PareshMayani/CardslibDemo
13 @Suleiman19/Gallery Quick Simple Android Image Gallery with Glide ↗️
13 @Swati4star/Travel-Mate 👜 A complete travel guide
12 @PareshMayani/Android-LoadWebImage… Example/demo on loading image from web and caching
12 @omerjerk/processing-video-and… Processing Video implementation for Android
11 @learnNcode/DemoTwitterImagePost Demo to post a tweet/tweet with image using twitter4j
11 @ragunathjawahar/saripaar-x The Android Saripaar Extensions Project ↗️
11 @manishsri01/FitbitIntegration
10 @PareshMayani/Android-WebView-Prog… How to load WebView with ProgressBar?
10 @manishsri01/SearchActionBarDemo
10 @Swati4star/Hackathon-airtel 📱One Estimote beacon in each Airtel store and with that users can get numerous facilities.
10 @ashish1294/ChessOOP A simple chess game that implements basic OOP concepts.
8 @Swati4star/Images-to-PDF 📷 An app to convert images to PDF file
7 @in28minutes/JUnitIn28Minutes Get started with Junit
7 @manishsri01/GCMPushDemo Google cloud messaging demo in Android ↗️
7 @manishsri01/CameraGallerySqliteD… Capture Image from Camera and Gallery and save into local database sqlite and display into listview.
7 @sivaprasadreddy/primefaces-beginners… PrimeFaces Beginner's Guide Book Source Code
7 @RaghavSood/UserManagement A GUI app for Android 4.1 users to create and manage multiple accounts on rooted devices
7 @Suleiman19/Marshmallow-Sample Sample App to desmonstrate new features in Android Marshmallow
7 @PareshMayani/Android-JSON-Parsing Tutorial about JSON Parsing in Android
7 @in28minutes/TDDin28Minutes TDD Tutorial For Beginners - from in28Minutes ↗️
6 @manishsri01/AndroidCustomImageVi…
6 @naman14/FaisalCrush
6 @FaizMalkani/KeylineTileSample A sample project demonstrating the use of the QuickSettings Tile API in Android N, using KeylinePushing's GridService as an action
6 @ishan1604/MaterialCheckBox A simple checkbox view interaction that tweens between tick and a cross.
6 @Suleiman19/Bottom-Navigation-De… Implementation of Bottom Navigation with Fragments, using https://github.com/aurelhubert/ahbottomn… library
6 @algorithmica-reposit…/top20-May
6 @dpr-odoo/trainee-om-shop Odoo Mobile Trainee Projects
6 @omerjerk/ProcessingAndroidDem… This demo explains how to embed processing sketch in your own app
6 @rahulrj/Deep-Dive Internal implementations of various components in Android and Java
5 @naman14/Armageddon-2014 App for the Annual Tech Week of IET DTU
5 @learnNcode/ListWithDiffRowViewT… Demo showing the functionality of getViewTypeCount() and getItemViewType(…) in list-view.
5 @omerjerk/droidcv Useful Java APIs to use with OpenCv for Android
5 @algorithmica-reposit…/hadoop-bigdata It consists of all code examples of hadoop course taken at algorithmica
5 @in28minutes/MavenIn28Minutes Maven Tutorial for Beginners with Examples ↗️
5 @PareshMayani/CheckstyleDemo Checkstyle is a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. It automates the process of checking Java code to spare humans of this boring (but important) task. This makes it ideal for projects that want to enforce a coding standard. ↗️
5 @ragunathjawahar/deselectable-radio-b… Deselectable Radio Button for Android
5 @PareshMayani/Android-GridView-Exa… Example for implementing GridView in Android
5 @RaghavSood/ListViewFont Sample project demonstrating how to use a custom font in all TextViews in a ListView.
5 @rahulrj/CanvasMediaControls Media controls Of Android drawn on Canvas
4 @PareshMayani/Android-SAX-Parsing Example of SAX Parsing in Android
4 @manishsri01/TabGroupChildDemo child group demo ↗️
4 @omerjerk/Screenshotter A library to take screenshots without root access
4 @manishsri01/SqliteQueryBrowser sq-lite query browser demo
4 @PareshMayani/Android-WebViewClien… Example for implementing WebViewClient in Android
4 @in28minutes/MockitoIn28Minutes Learn Mockito from In28Minutes
4 @sankha93/Panther Panther encodes media files from one format to another. It has a simple user interface, and should be very easy to get started with. It can reduce the size of music files. ↗️
4 @PareshMayani/Android-LodeWebImage Example for loading images from web
3 @dpr-odoo/odoo-widgets Odoo App Widgets Library
3 @Swati4star/HackIIITD-2015-event… 📖 A Delhi Events Android App, which can act as a complete master control for an explorer 🏃
3 @Suleiman19/Android-Note-app-wit… Demonstrating SQLite database using Sugar ORM for a note app, similar to Google Keep. ↗️
3 @RaghavSood/AppaholicsAndroid Source code for the tutorials at appaholics.in ↗️
3 @ishan1604/audio-processor An android based sound processing app to plot graph based on sound signals
3 @karthikb351/map.a.ble-Android Indoor mapping shenanigans. King Gormsson would be proud.
3 @manishsri01/SQLiteImageDemo take image from gallery and camera and save in sqlite ↗️
3 @omerjerk/androidVersionUpgrad… Android app which deals with the SuperUser access stuffs and edit the build.prop file to change the android version.
3 @manishsri01/TabHostDemo tab host demo in android ↗️
3 @manishsri01/PagingnationDemo
3 @dpr-odoo/week-calendar
3 @manishsri01/MultiLevelListview
3 @MrDHat/RainCollector-libGDX A Rain Collector Game implemented using libGDX
3 @rahulrj/VIT-Login App for Acdemics site of VIT University
3 @PareshMayani/Android-DashBoard-Ex… Example for the implementation of Dashboard design pattern implementation in Android
3 @PareshMayani/Android-CopyFiles Example for copying files from
3 @sivaprasadreddy/twitter4j-spring-boo… SpringBoot Starter for Twitter4J
3 @learnNcode/DemoTwitterAction Twitter tutorial covering hashtags, reply & favorite/un-favorite Using twiiter4j.
2 @karthikb351/vitinfo2 NOTE: We've moved! Development for the VITinfo suite of applications. Including Attendance, Marks, etc.
2 @learnNcode/TabWidgetSample This is a simple tutorial on how to use tabs with fragment in android application.
2 @learnNcode/CustomTabletUI Custom tablet UI animation.
2 @ishan1604/QDroid Android Quiz Application
2 @ragunathjawahar/winzipaes Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/winzipaes
2 @FaizMalkani/ViewPagerWithDrawer Sample application using a ViewPager with Indicator and a Navigation Drawer
2 @Suleiman19/People-API-App Demo app for Google Sign-in and People API
2 @omerjerk/stickTracker
2 @viggyprabhu/SillyCardTrick An Android App to implement a simple card trick
2 @in28minutes/BasicWebServletsIn28…
2 @in28minutes/JavaInterviewQuestio… Java Interview Questions and Answers ↗️
2 @sankha93/jupdater A simple library to check whether a new update for a program is available
2 @manishsri01/AndroidAlarmManagerD… http://www.androidhub4you.com/2013/12/an…
2 @sankha93/wetunes-android a social music player for android
2 @manishsri01/GoogleMapCircleDemo Google Map Version Map-2 Demo for Draw Circle in Android ↗️
2 @PareshMayani/Android-JustifyText How do i display information with Justify alignment?
2 @manishsri01/ListViewIntoScrollVi…
2 @PareshMayani/Android-ReadFileAsse… Example of reading files from Assets folder
2 @manishsri01/GooglePrintDemo
2 @sivaprasadreddy/spring-training Spring Training Material


🌟 Name Description 🌍
24 @prashantvc/Xamarin.iOS-MessageB… Dropdown message bar for iOS
19 @amaneureka/SharpBrain A C# based Machine Learning Library which aims to implement user interactive Deep Learning Architecture & Algorithms.
18 @akhilmittal/REST-WebAPI Enterprise level application with MVC4 Web API's using Entity Framework ,Generic Repository pattern and Unit of Work.
15 @prashantvc/SpecialCopy Paste JSON as C# Classes
11 @prashantvc/AndroidInAppBillingD… In app billing demo with Xamarin.Android
5 @Vadi/Cedar A scalable shard-based data store middleware
5 @mafiya69/Credit CreditSharp
5 @mafiya69/SharpChat A Simple Chat Program.
5 @goldytech/QTec-II A standard asp.net mvc project showcasing the best patterns and practices
5 @satish860/RuleComposer Wrist Friendly Rule Engine for .net .
4 @prashantvc/FlatUI.iOS A collection of flat UI controls for iOS. C# port of https://github.com/Grouper/FlatUIKit
4 @prashantvc/Basic-Image-Editor This Android app shows the ability to adjust Contrast, Brightness and Saturation using the ColorMatrix and ColorMatrixFilters
3 @akhilmittal/AttributeRouting-in-… How to implement Attribute based Routing in Asp.net WebAPI using AttributeRouting library
3 @mafiya69/sharicles Learn Windows 10 App Development Here.
3 @zoebchhatriwala/WikiApp Wikipedia Unofficial App Developed in C#
3 @zoebchhatriwala/zKeyLogger Key Logging Application Developed in C# [for Educational Purpose]
3 @akhilmittal/CURD-operations-usin… How to do custom mapping and entity to entity mapping with the help of AutoMapper.
3 @zoebchhatriwala/Zencryptor Text Encrypting Application Developed in C#
3 @zoebchhatriwala/ICS-I-can-speak- This Application Converts Your Input Text Into Speech. Developed For Windows Phone In C#.
3 @zoebchhatriwala/Regen-Windows-Phone-… Regen is a Regular Expression based Text Password Generator Developed in C#
2 @sharat/Winstagram A simple WP7 Client for Instagram
2 @amaneureka/LunchTime Few lines of code, which reduces huge tasks for me.
2 @zoebchhatriwala/Multicopier An Multi Copy Application Developed in C#
2 @zoebchhatriwala/WebCloud An HTML Writer and Viewer Developed in C#


🌟 Name Description 🌍
206 @naveenshaji/material An HTML5 responsive template incorporating Google's Material Design Standards along with Jekyll -- Work in Progress -- ↗️
4 @tapasweni-pathak/No-Feed 📚 Chrome Extension which hides all your Facebook news feed. ↗️
3 @TrigonaMinima/TrigonaMinima.github… My awesome blog! ↗️
3 @tapasweni-pathak/Help-The-Needy Nearby NGOs Finder. ↗️
2 @CuriousLearner/git-intro Learning version control with git ↗️
2 @ayusharma/MyFirstApp How to code for Firefox OS . ↗️
2 @joshpitzalis/websites A simple landing page template ↗️
2 @astha/ConsumerConnect A web interface to buy and sell services.
2 @tapasweni-pathak/CodeBenders-IGDTU 💻 The programming club of IGDTUW. Aims at providing a platform for competitive programming under CodeChef. ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
41 @igneustech/html-exercise-file Exercise files for students of HTML leaning class
8 @ansarimofid/blog-iiitv
4 @shipra1509/PSD
3 @ansarimofid/portfolio
2 @copygift/copygift.github.io The official project website ↗️
2 @salman-bhai/HandCricket This is a game of hand cricket that is played against a computer opponent.
2 @salman-bhai/salman-bhai.github.i… My Personal Website - Find who I am over here
2 @shipra1509/shipra1509.github.io


🌟 Name Description 🌍
167 @jarun/keysniffer Linux kernel module to log pressed keys in debugfs
52 @championswimmer/kernel-tools tools to tinker with kernels and ramdisks and bootsplash images
24 @ankurs/Hash-Table simple implementation of a hash table
22 @AdiPat/Android_Toolchains This repository contains ARM EABI Toolchains for Android.
17 @jarun/dslib Academic C data structures library growing on itself
15 @ashwinr64/android_device_onepl…
13 @ankurs/Poll-Event a simple epoll wrapper
11 @dhiru1602/android_kernel_samsu… 3.0.y OMAP3 Kernel for Samsung Galaxy SL (I9003)
8 @percy-g2/android_kernel_motor…
8 @ankurs/TIK TIK Is Kernel - a small hobby kernel ↗️
8 @sakindia123/android_kernel_htc_p… Linux Kernel 3.0.101 for HTC Explorer(Stable)
7 @ashwinr64/android_kernel_onepl…
6 @jarun/lsstack64 Trace process execution stack on Linux x86_64
6 @vivekp/minix-nbsd GSoC project for porting NetBSD userland to MINIX3 ↗️
6 @percy-g2/GNU-kernel GNU kernel for samsung galaxy y (GT-S5360)
5 @CallMeAldy/kernel_lge_mako Unofficial Marshmallow Kernel for Nexus 4 (MAKO)
5 @CallMeAldy/AK-Mako
5 @vivekp/C-Network-Programmin… Network programming done in course works !
4 @prashants/comedi Dynalog comedi drivers
4 @sakindia123/kernel-htc-pico Cranium Kernel for Htc Explorer/Pico (MSM7227A)
3 @percy-g2/android_device_sony_… cm10.1 for xperia P
3 @sakindia123/kernel_i9100G Cranium Kernel For Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G with TI OMAP4430 ↗️
3 @prashants/km Sample Linux kernel modules
3 @dhiru1602/android_device_lge_u… Common Device tree for U2 Optimus L9 Devices.
3 @ashwinr64/android_device_alcat… Idol 3 5.5
3 @ashwinr64/furnace-condor Linux Kernel for Motorola Moto E (condor)
3 @sakindia123/Cranium_I927 Cranium Kernel for Samsung Captivate Glide i927/i927r ↗️
3 @AdiPat/i9003_Kernel Galaxy SL i9003 TitaniumS kernel
2 @ashwinr64/android_device_alcat… Device Tree for Idol 4.7
2 @AdiPat/android_kernel_htc_p… HTC Explorer/Pico Kernel source
2 @AdiPat/android_kernel_tegra… Samsung Galaxy R GT-I9103 Sources
2 @charulagrl/cs50-pset4 Problem Set 4: Forensics
2 @ankurs/HttpServe Implementation of a Libevent based web server in C ↗️
2 @sakindia123/android_kernel_samsu… Custom Kernel for Samsung Galaxy J7 ↗️
2 @chirayudesai/android_kernel_goldf…
2 @chirayudesai/android_bootable_boo… Little Kernel Bootloader
2 @dhiru1602/android_device_lge_p… Device Tree for LG Optimus L9 P768.
2 @dhiru1602/android_device_lge_p… Device Tree for LG Optimus L9 P765.
2 @eyantra/Experiment This folder contains experiments to be performed on Firebird-V
2 @electronut/nRF51-pwm-test A simple example that demonstrates PWM, GPIOTE events, and NUS (Nordic UART Service) using the S110 softdevice on the nRF51-DK.
2 @dhiru1602/android_device_lge_p… Device Tree for LG Optimus L9 P760.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
42 @ashkulz/NppFTP Plugin for Notepad++ allowing FTP, FTPS, FTPES and SFTP communications ↗️
33 @jaybosamiya/chaos-game 💥 Play the chaos game to create amazing fractal images
13 @jaybosamiya/network-protocol-sim… 🔧 Simulations of Stop-and-Wait, Go-Back-N, Selective-Repeat
10 @jaybosamiya/CryptoGuy 🎩 CryptoGuy is a tool usefull to find out various decryptions of a string
6 @utrade/muTradeApi
6 @jaybosamiya/triangulate-tool 📐 Easily convert any image into low-poly art in just a few clicks
3 @pakhandi/UVA solutions to some UVA problems
3 @pakhandi/Spoj Solutions to some problems on SPOJ
3 @shubhamchaudhary/uiet Everything I did in UIET College Labs
3 @shubhamchaudhary/qmpris Creating QMpris library
3 @utrade/ecl Exchange Connectivity Layer
3 @pakhandi/CODECHEF Code
2 @nevinvalsaraj/image-processing-ope… Image Processing using OpenCV 2.4.6
2 @aapav01/android_hardware_sam…
2 @utrade/marketDataDispatcher


🌟 Name Description 🌍
165 @hsharma/Hungry-Hero Hungry Hero is an open source Flash game built on Starling Framework. ↗️
15 @hegdemahesh/hanuman A sample game built on starling and nape
8 @circuitvalley/IR-Remote-Control
2 @riaxe/Screenshot-ANE-Mac Adobe AIR Native Extension for generating screenshot in Mac OSX.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
281 @zcaudate/vinyasa more flow to your workflow
218 @kumarshantanu/lein-exec Leiningen plugin for executing Clojure scripts
168 @kumarshantanu/lein-localrepo Work with local Maven repository
153 @zcaudate/hara code patterns and utilities ↗️
104 @zcaudate/adi data modelling for the ambitious ↗️
103 @zcaudate/jai manipulate source code like the dom ↗️
100 @zcaudate/cronj cron for clojure - DEPRECATED ↗️
85 @zcaudate/ribol conditional restarts - DEPRECATED
75 @zcaudate/lein-midje-doc documentation generator DEPRECATED ↗️
61 @zcaudate/lein-repack Repack your project for deployment and distribution
56 @kumarshantanu/lein-sub Leiningen plugin for executing tasks on sub-projects
53 @zcaudate/iroh Java reflection made easy. DEPRECATED
44 @kumarshantanu/lein-clr Leiningen plugin to automate build tasks for ClojureCLR projects
42 @zcaudate/sigmund System analytics for Clojure
32 @zcaudate/one.love rethinkdb wrapped in funk
29 @kumarshantanu/clj-liquibase Clojure wrapper for Liquibase for database change management and migration
28 @ghoseb/img-palette A simple demo of extracting dominant colors from an image using K-means clustering
28 @kumarshantanu/lein-servlet A Leiningen 2 plugin to work with servlet-based webapps
27 @ghoseb/clojure101 Clojure 101 Course Material ↗️
27 @zcaudate/gita the introspective jgit wrapper ↗️
22 @ghoseb/yfinance Simple Clojure code to fetch data from Y! Finance
22 @grinnbearit/the-little-clojurer The little Schemer, in Clojure
18 @kumarshantanu/clj-dbcp Clojure wrapper for Apache DBCP to create JDBC connections pools
17 @zcaudate/ova Stateful arrays for clojure, DEPRECATED
12 @grinnbearit/sicp SICP in Clojure
11 @kumarshantanu/quiddity S-Expression evaluation library for Clojure and ClojureScript
10 @kumarshantanu/basil A general purpose template library for Clojure and ClojureScript
8 @kumarshantanu/lein-idefiles Generate IDE files for Leiningen projects
7 @kumarshantanu/espejito Latency finder for single-threaded processing
7 @grinnbearit/opencsv-clj A lazy opencsv wrapper in clojure
6 @kumarshantanu/keypin Key lookup on steroids in Clojure
6 @ghoseb/chainmap A custom Map-like data-structure for Clojure
6 @zcaudate/oren system information for clojure
5 @kumarshantanu/lein-cascade A Leiningen plugin to execute cascading task dependencies
5 @zcaudate/korra jar and maven package introspection. DEPRECATED
4 @ghoseb/isbn.clj Fetch book prices from Indian ecommerce sites
4 @grinnbearit/freemarker-clj A wrapper for the freemarker template engine, http://freemarker.sourceforge.net/
4 @kumarshantanu/lein-docbkx Leiningen plugin for rendering Docbook documents (using Docbkx-tools)
4 @ghoseb/ketamine A consistent hashing library for Clojure.
3 @kumarshantanu/clj-miscutil Misclleneous utility functions and macros in Clojure
3 @kumarshantanu/clj-jdbcutil DEPRECATED - Clojure JDBC utility functions
3 @kumarshantanu/stringer Fast string operations for Clojure
2 @grinnbearit/stringtemplate-clj A stringtemplate wrapper in Clojure
2 @kumarshantanu/thingy Data abstraction of 'things' in Clojure
2 @kumarshantanu/citius Comparative benchmarking using Criterium
2 @ghoseb/tushy A blog aggregrator written in Clojure ↗️
2 @zcaudate/wu.kong wrapper for org.eclipse.aether
2 @kumarshantanu/asphalt A Clojure library for JDBC access.
2 @kumarshantanu/ide-files DEPCRATED. Leiningen template to generate IDE files for existing projects. Superseded by the lein-idefiles plugin. ↗️
2 @gowda/path-to-philosophy find the path from any given wikipedia.org article to philosophy article on wikipedia.org
2 @gowda/tomcat-example A simple web application built using noir to be deployed using tomcat application server
2 @kumarshantanu/ring-jdbc-session JDBC based HTTP session store for Ring (Clojure)


🌟 Name Description 🌍
91 @cskr/pubsub A simple pubsub package for go.
51 @cbonello/revel-csrf CSRF prevention for Revel framework.
20 @cskr/gorepos A tool to help 'go get' private packages
15 @adnaan/gomobileandroidgradl… A sample Android Studio project integrated with Go's NativeActivity lib.
6 @uttamgandhi24/pre-sales-huddle-web… A golang webservice with mongoDB database
6 @biswarupadhikari/gomysql GoMysql is a Google Go Language Based Database Wraper.Using this Package you can easily intract with mysql database from Go lang.
6 @teamldcs/sflag cmdLine args parser
4 @adnaan/hapreload A simple tool to add rules to haproxy.cfg and reload the Haproxy container.
4 @psankar/korkai A corpus builder for Tamil by analyzing wordpress, blogger, wikipedia dumps
3 @uttamgandhi24/expenseManager webservice in go with mongoDB database
2 @psankar/kuvalai A multi-language developer-focused slideshow tool to teach Programming languages, inspired by Go Tour
2 @cbonello/gp-config Configuration file parser for golang.
2 @psankar/keeri
2 @cskr/jsoncast A Go library to read arbitrary JSON


🌟 Name Description 🌍
28 @ajnsit/wai-routes Wai Routes provides typesafe URLs for Wai applications ↗️
9 @ajnsit/luautils Helpers for Haskell integration with Lua
6 @kapilash/ScaTeX literate programming in scala
5 @ckkashyap/really-simple-xml-pa… A really simple xml parser in Haskell using Parsec
4 @donatello/plivo-haskell Helper library for the Plivo Web-Telephony API in Haskell
4 @ajnsit/FactorCSS FactorCSS (Haskell based CSS refactoring tool) modified to support vendor specific css properties. Original code imported from the FactorCSS repo at http://zamez.org/source/factorcss/ ↗️
3 @ajnsit/haystack The haskell web stack
3 @ajnsit/luachunk Haskell library for reading and writing Lua bytecode chunks
2 @ckkashyap/LearningPrograms Programs to learn stuffs
2 @ckkashyap/gmail Build a DLL/shared object in Haskell to download gmail attachments. Such that it could be linked to C/C++ programs ... why? not sure yet
2 @donatello/xmonad-conf My Xmonad/GNOME configuration
2 @ajnsit/monadbi BiDirectional monads that can be transformed into each other (atleast partially). ↗️
2 @ajnsit/monadfibre Monadic functions which provide Choice and Parallelism. Also provides a good example of how to use the MonadBi library. ↗️
2 @ajnsit/SimpleServer A simple static server written in Haskell, for when Apache is overkill
2 @ajnsit/react-flux A git mirror of the mercurial repo for react-flux (https://bitbucket.org/wuzzeb/react-flux…
2 @ajnsit/fay-build A Build System For Fay (Haskell) Code
2 @ajnsit/haste-markup A port of blaze-markup and blaze-html to Haste. In particular, this removes the bytestring and text dependencies, and replaces Text with JSString.
2 @ajnsit/vyom Extensible algebra for creating typesafe DSLs in Haskell
2 @dj08/projecteuler My solutions to Project Euler problems
2 @ajnsit/dot.xmonad My XMonad configuration


🌟 Name Description 🌍
66 @ROClientSide/Translation Ragnarok Online ClientSide Translation.
12 @dufferzafar/Cmder A fork of the Cmder Project - a terminal emulator package for Windows. Unmaintained.
11 @SatheeshJM/Lua-Preference-Libra… save and retrieve tables,numbers,strings or boolean
11 @SatheeshJM/Auto-Renewable-In-Ap… Validating Auto-Renewable In-App purchases using Corona SDK
10 @aliasgar84/Appirater The famous Appirater is now ported for Corona SDK. Uses lua code.
6 @dufferzafar/Lua-Scripts A collection of libraries and functions for Lua.
5 @edwynxero/ensage-scripts Lua scripts for Ensage
5 @dufferzafar/Project-Euler-Soluti… Soultions of Project Euler Problems in Lua
4 @SatheeshJM/Amazon-SimpleDB-Modu… Amazon SimpleDB API for Corona SDK
4 @SatheeshJM/Ascii85-Encoding-in-…


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2 @ateshkoul/NeuroImaging Neuroimaging
2 @SivanandAchanta/DNN_SPS This contains code to replicate DNN-SPS experiments reported in "Significance of Maximum Spectral Amplitude in Sub-bands for Spectral Envelope Estimation and Its Application to Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis" paper Interspeech15 submission
2 @SivanandAchanta/SSW9 SPSS using RNN-DNN for speech synthesis workshop


🌟 Name Description 🌍
6345 @hackiftekhar/IQKeyboardManager Codeless drop-in universal library allows to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover UITextField/UITextView. Neither need to write any code nor any setup required and much more.
469 @mukyasa/MMTextFieldEffects Extension of TextFieldEffects with Custom UITextFields effects inspired by Codrops, built using Objective-C
402 @hackiftekhar/IQMediaPickerControl… Audio Image Video Picker Controller
402 @mukyasa/MMCamScanner Simulation of CamScanner app With Custom Camera and Crop Rect Validation
399 @Reefaq/FlipView Magazine Style View/Layout like Flipboard ↗️
391 @mukyasa/MMPaper MMPaper [Inspired From Paper by Facebook,]Approach to simulate Paper app
271 @RATTLESNAKE-VIPER/GLGooglePlusLikeLayo…
247 @hackiftekhar/IQAudioRecorderContr… A drop-in universal library allows to record audio within the app with a nice User Interface.
231 @mukyasa/MMGooglePlayNewsStan… To Simulate iOS Google Play NewsStand app
197 @varshylmobile/TableViewCellFlip Vertical and Horizontal flip animation for table view cell
161 @hackiftekhar/IQDropDownTextField TextField with DropDown support using UIPickerView
145 @hackiftekhar/IQActionSheetPickerV… ActionSheet with UIPickerView
125 @mukyasa/MMTransitionEffect This is Extension Of RSTransitionEffect(yeahdongcn) Transformed From (Frame based animation) to (Constraint Based Animation)
110 @RATTLESNAKE-VIPER/GLMoveToTrashAnimati…
85 @mukyasa/MMPaperPanFlip Approach to Simulate Pan Flip Like in Paper app
59 @hackiftekhar/IQGeometry IQGeometry is the extension of CGGeometry
56 @hackiftekhar/IQDatabaseManager CoreData helper classes with convenience methods
52 @mukyasa/MMPaperGallery Image Browser similar to Facebook Paper app
40 @hackiftekhar/IQIrregularView IQIrregularView for those who need view touch on a particular part of UIView.
28 @hackiftekhar/IQStickerView
22 @mukyasa/MMTableCellAnimation This project is about table cell translation animation
18 @hackiftekhar/IQFeedbackView Feedback/BugReport iOS control
16 @hackiftekhar/IQHTTPService HTTP Client for iOS
16 @caughtinflux/iOS-6-SpringBoard-He… SpringBoard headers from iOS 6, yay!
14 @varshylmobile/Hamburger Hamburger button transition in ObjC
12 @vivekvpandya/DrupalRESTKit DrupalRESTKit is an iOS 7.x library built on the top of AFNetworking. It simplifies developer tasks to consume REST services provided by Drupal 8. Currently it simplifies CRUD operations on 'node' and 'user' entity type.
11 @hackiftekhar/IQURLConnection A replacement of sendAsynchronousRequest of NSURLConnection with ResponseBlock, ProgressBlock & CompletionBlock
10 @hackiftekhar/IQEditableLabel UILabel with UIKeyInput protocol implementation
9 @chaitanyapandit/LayoutEngine LayoutEngine demonstrates the use of Text Kit APIs to wrap text around objects
9 @vivekvpandya/TipsAndTricksAFNetwo… An iOS application that connects to Drupal 8 base web site via REST services. It uses AFNetworking Library.
8 @shubhsin/FBProgressHUD Facebook Messenger Async Connection Loader Bar for iOS 8
8 @caughtinflux/swift-dump Class-dump for Swift. Doesn't actually work yet. Contributions welcome!
7 @amannayak0007/Aman-Jain WWDC2015 Student Scholarship Application
7 @varshylmobile/CloudQRScan CloudQRScan is .com for ME, it’s world’s first cloud based QR application that lets you save all the information that one would want to have on their personal website, thus no need to have personal website – just get your SMART QR from www.cloudqrscan.com.
7 @Lohit9/mobile-buy-sdk-react… iOS and Android sample apps using Shopify's Mobile Buy SDK in React Native
6 @nsriram/Gumba iPad App - Thoughtworks Technnolody Radar ↗️
6 @kishorek/Free-Tamil-Ebooks An iOS eBook Reader. Books are from http://freetamilebooks.com/ ↗️
6 @aliHafizji/TowerOfHanoi--cocos2… A tower of hanoi game built using cocos2d
5 @MaitrayeeGhosh/UITableViewCellCusto… It is an example of how to make UITableView cell loading with custom animation, while scrolling the tableView
5 @vivekvpandya/Notes An iPhone appliaction compitible with iOS 7 to take notes
4 @MaitrayeeGhosh/ParallaxScrollingAni… This is an example of how to implement parallax scrolling animation effect in iOS app
4 @MaitrayeeGhosh/ExpandableTableView-…
4 @hackiftekhar/BackgroundAppRunning Running the iOS app in background
4 @caughtinflux/quickshoot-pro QuickShoot Pro: This is terrible.
3 @MaitrayeeGhosh/ImageDrawingControll… It is a controller for drawing on an image. User can pass an image to the controller and mention the desired pencil colour and pencil brush width and start drawing.
3 @aliHafizji/Appacitive-iOS-SDK iOS SDK for the Appacitive platform
3 @caughtinflux/include
3 @thinknikhil/FlipView Magazine Style View/Layout like Flipboard
3 @vivekvpandya/TipsAndTricksCFNetwo… This is an iOS application that interact with a site made with Drupal 8 and it uses its REST web services.
2 @MaitrayeeGhosh/PageCurlAnimationExa… It is an example of partial and full page curl animation, both horizontally and vertically.
2 @MaitrayeeGhosh/ExpandableTableView It is a simple example of expandable table view cell
2 @bhallacharanjit/SoapCaller-Parser This library would call the soap web service and parse it according to the tags thus given to it and return an array of strings to the delegate.
2 @caughtinflux/iOS6-Private-Framewo… Private frameworks from iOS 6 :D
2 @amannayak0007/StackOverFlow-master Ask Question, Get Answer
2 @nsriram/SampleVideoStreamApp SampleVideoStreamApp
2 @avikantz/FMDB-Demo Trying out random queries using the university database on Mac OS X using FMDB.
2 @ravirajm/Spire Siri installer.
2 @n9986/ObservingUIViewMovem… Quick clean fix for monitoring UIViews for movement when they are nested inside another UIView
2 @hackiftekhar/LocuAPI UnOfficial Locu API demo
2 @kumaranvram/NSTableView-Cell-Sel… This project is a Cocoa application that demostrates how to identify the cell that has been currently clicked in a NSTableView ↗️
2 @hackiftekhar/IQNetworkTaskManager Manage Multiple Network requests with an easy way


🌟 Name Description 🌍
6142 @sitaramc/gitolite Hosting git repositories -- Gitolite allows you to setup git hosting on a central server, with very fine-grained access control and many (many!) more powerful features. ↗️
65 @sitaramc/gitpod local caching server for git when the actual server is on the other side of a (possibly slow) WAN link
25 @sitaramc/map (EXISTING USERS: please see wiki). map -- simpler than xargs, more power than xargs.
16 @sitaramc/git-tools little tools to make life easier in git
11 @sitaramc/gitolite-doc detailed documentation for gitolite, split out from the main gitolite repo. CC-BY-NC-SA (mostly)
8 @sitaramc/tsh quick and easy testing/assertion shell
4 @sitaramc/hap2 hash-a-pass with a twist, using the basic idea behind 'scrypt'
3 @sitaramc/bq simple job queue manager
3 @sitaramc/active-aliases "active aliases" -- aliases like you've never seen before. Documentation at http://gitolite.com/active-aliases/
3 @sitaramc/totport totport -- TOTP anywhere, any service
2 @ppant/perl-csp Perl implementation of Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) Algorithms ↗️
2 @dipanjanS/Temperature-Aware-Li… A temperature-aware application for creating a temperature-aware variant of the linux OS
2 @sitaramc/hashlite Store and retrieve small amounts of data from perl or shell. Think "git config" in some ways, but different. Uses Sqlite3.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
65 @kayalshri/socialmedia-oauth-lo… SocialMedia sites login by using oauth connect
35 @rishabhp/mentions Check Social mentions count for a particular URL or all URLs from RSS feeds. ↗️
28 @shivamdixit/WebGoatPHP WebGoatPHP is a port of WebGoat to PHP and MySQL/SQLite databases. ↗️
27 @xaneem/flipkart-api-php A simple PHP wrapper for the official Flipkart API
16 @kayalshri/oauthlogin oauth login for famous social media apps
15 @skbly7/codechef-ranking The full code of Codechef Ranking which ismade to provide all the features one need to know about other programmers of their college. This site is an initiative to increase number of active codechef users from all the colleges in India. ↗️
15 @sudar/rolopress-core Open Source Contact Manager built on top of WordPress. Rolopress core theme ↗️
13 @mauryaratan/stagtools StagTools is a powerful plugin to extend functionality to your WordPress themes offering shortcodes, FontAwesome icons and useful widgets. ↗️
12 @rishirdua/commerce-ccavenue Edited the module commerce_ccavenue to make it work with the new CCAvenue multi-currency processing payment gateway
11 @harikt/php-hyperclick PHP hyperclick package for atom text editor, open your files on the go
8 @skbly7/fb-group-links This repository contains code for converted a Facebook music sharing group into playlists, and lots more. ↗️
8 @sudar/rolopress-default Open Source Contact Manager built on top of WordPress. Rolopress default theme ↗️
8 @sudar/bulk-delete #WordPress Plugin. Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to delete posts, pages and users in bulk based on different conditions and filters. ↗️
7 @harikt/phpform Standalone Forms for PHP with Aura.Input, Aura.View helpers and optional dependency Aura.Filter ↗️
7 @sandeepshetty/ftt Single-file drop-in Function Testing Tool (FTT) and auto-documenter
7 @ManrajGrover/MokshaWebsite [Depricated] Moksha Website
6 @rishirdua/smart-chat Real-time personalized recommender for instant messaging ↗️
6 @harikt/conduit-skelton A micro framework on top of conduit, which supports PSR-7 in core
6 @sudar/bbpress-subscription… A WordPress plugin that allows you to send topic subscription emails in bbPress through wpMandrill ↗️
6 @kayalshri/phpcrawler Light-weight Search Engine (Google,Bing,Yahoo,Ask,Amazon) data crawler
5 @sudar/bulk-move #WordPress Plugin. Bulk Move is a WordPress Plugin, that allows you to move posts between categories and tags ↗️
5 @sudar/email-log Email Log is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to log all emails that are sent through WordPress.
5 @xaneem/Treasure-Hunt A fully functional online treasure hunt built in CodeIgniter, for Clueless 2013, conducted as a part of Tathva, at NIT Calicut, India.
4 @ashish2/muntoo Muntoo - A Forum and Social Networking software with some Basic AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) features enabled.
4 @harikt/ghdocs Render github markdown files. A work for easy documentation ↗️
4 @sudar/wp-github-gist #WordPress Plugin which provides the ability to embed gist and files from Github in your blog posts or pages ↗️
4 @sudar/github-ribbon #WordPress Plugin. Github Ribbon is a WordPress Plugin that adds "Fork me" Github ribbons to your website. ↗️
4 @sudar/posts-by-tag #WordPress Plugin. Posts by Tag WordPress Plugin, provides sidebar widgets which can be used to display posts from a specific set of tags in the sidebar. ↗️
3 @aniketpant/igniteplate Template for all your new applications using CodeIgniter ↗️
3 @nisargjhaveri/minimalMVC A minimal MVC framework in PHP
3 @sudar/easy-note-uploads-fo…
3 @sudar/wp-github-commits #WordPress Plugin. Displays the latest commits of a github repo in the sidebar.
3 @sudar/wp-plugin-reviews #WordPress Plugin. Displays the latest reviews of a WordPress Plugin in the sidebar.
3 @nisargjhaveri/saathi A simple disaster management system - as part of an academic project
3 @shivamdixit/kayako Kayako Twitter challenge
2 @ashfame/facebook-like-thumbn… WordPress plugin which specifies the thumbnail FB should use while embedding links ↗️
2 @ashfame/Moneyflow Silly yet good looking WordPress plugin for keeping log of how much moolah I need to trade off
2 @ashfame/email-cop WordPress plugin for stopping outgoing emails with the option of viewing them ↗️
2 @aniketpant/bits-inventory-app A simple inventory allotment app for the college
2 @aniketpant/stencil [WIP] A static site generator written in PHP
2 @mirfan/dal An object-oriented wrapper to PHP's native mysql_* functions ↗️
2 @AnupamSaraph/AssetTracker Track public assets and share them
2 @AnupamSaraph/BudgetTracker Track public spend and share it
2 @harikt/cakephp-orm-shell Cakephp ORM shell/cli for standalone users
2 @harikt/TweetRelation Tweets has relationship, lets find for what the tweet was :D ↗️
2 @sudar/rolopress-importer A RoloPress Plugin to import CSV files
2 @ashfame/Directory-Last-Modif…
2 @sudar/google-maps-for-rolo…
2 @kayalshri/Facebook-idcard Facebook Idcard build, post
2 @sudar/twitter-avatar-reloa… Twitter avatar reloaded Plugin adds a new field to the comment form to get the user’s Twitter username and stores it together with comments and using it replaces gravatar with twitter avatar when the comment is displayed ↗️
2 @ashfame/WPRealtime Nothing to see here, move on.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2078 @kovidgoyal/calibre The official source code repository for the calibre ebook manager ↗️
1036 @ajinabraham/Mobile-Security-Fram… Mobile Security Framework is an intelligent, all-in-one open source mobile application (Android/iOS) automated pen-testing framework capable of performing static, dynamic analysis and web API testing. ↗️
576 @axitkhurana/buster Brute force static site generator for Ghost
450 @amitu/importd django based mini framework inspired from sinatra. fully compatible with django. ↗️
325 @kushaldas/pym Python for you and me book
301 @abidrahmank/OpenCV2-Python-Tutor… This repo contains tutorials on OpenCV-Python library using new cv2 interface
237 @vaidik/sherlock Easy distributed locks for Python with a choice of backends.
219 @abidrahmank/OpenCV2-Python Contains some Python Samples with new cv2 interface of OpenCV
183 @OrkoHunter/ping-me A cross platform personalized Ping ↗️
131 @ajinabraham/Xenotix-Python-Keylo… Xenotix Python Keylogger for Windows.
103 @kushaldas/retask Retask is a simple task queue implementation written for human beings. It provides generic solution to create and manage task queues.
98 @ajinabraham/OWASP-Xenotix-XSS-Ex… OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework is an advanced Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability detection and exploitation framework. ↗️
88 @abidrahmank/OpenCV-Python OpenCV examples in Python
65 @punchagan/cinspect Code inspection for Python builtins
64 @amitu/smarturls smarturls a url construction helper for django
61 @JayVora-SerpentCS/hotelmgmt_v8 Hotel Management System based on Odoo ↗️
61 @ajinabraham/Static-DOM-XSS-Scann… Static DOM XSS Scanner is a Static Analysis tool written in python that will iterate through all the JavaScript and HTML files under the given directory and will list out all the possible sources and sinks that may cause DOM XSS. At the end of the scan, the tool will generate an HTML report.
57 @vaidik/commentjson Add JavaScript or Python style comments in JSON.
52 @amitu/djangothis SimpleHTTPServer with Django steroids
51 @ajinabraham/Xenotix-APK-Reverser Xenotix APK Reverser is an OpenSource Android Application Package (APK) decompiler and disassembler powered by dex2jar, baksmali and jd-core. ↗️
43 @JayVora-SerpentCS/SerpentCS_Contributi… The modules SerpentCS is contributing for All versions of Odoo since v7! ↗️
40 @anandology/pyjs Python to Javascript compiler
39 @anandology/python-practice-book A book to learn Python programming language through lot of examples and practice problems
39 @ajinabraham/WebAppSec Web Application Security
34 @shivam5992/textstat Package to calculate text statistics
32 @kovidgoyal/powerline-daemon A daemon to reduce the resource consumption of powerline by having a single python process that serves all powerline requests
31 @JayVora-SerpentCS/EduERPv8 Education ERP based on Odoo! ↗️
28 @kushaldas/tunir
24 @softvar/simplegist Advanced python wrapper for Github Gist API ↗️
23 @JayVora-SerpentCS/Jasperv8 Jasper Reports Engine for Odoo ↗️
22 @amitu/fhurl Django Form Handler Generic View ↗️
22 @softvar/json2html python module for converting complex JSON oject to HTML Table representation ↗️
22 @vaidik/incoming JSON validation framework for Python. ↗️
19 @dhruvbaldawa/project_euler My code for solving problems at Project Euler(http://projecteuler.net/problems)
19 @ajinabraham/PoC Proof of Concepts, Exploits
18 @amitu/amitu-websocket-clie… Python WebSocket Client Library
18 @abhikandoi2000/knowyourgov Real-time Sentiment analysis for Politicians ↗️
18 @amitu/dutils django utilities ↗️
18 @lionaneesh/Monitor-Web Did you come across a website in which you were really interested, and wanted to check for any updates, or maybe you are interested in getting updates if the documentation of your favorite website was updated, Is the answer is yes, Monitor-Web is your one stop solution, Monitor-Web tracks any changes in your favorite content and alerts you with proper log of differences. So, now never waste time surfing the web to check if there are any updates, Simply add the website you wish to monitor and relax, Whenever you need to check simply run the program and it will automatically sync for any changes or are provide you with a diff like output. It works best for static websites, mainly online HTML ebooks, online documentation, course lists, wiki's or something similar.
18 @sengupta/twss Python based double entendre classifier ↗️
17 @sachingupta006/github-crawler A simple crawler in python
16 @anandology/subcommand Python library to build command line utilities with subcommands.
15 @nigelbabu/pppconverter Equivalent Salary Converter
14 @anujdeshpande/BBB-workshop Demos for a Hands on BeagleBone Black workshop
13 @ajinabraham/Xenotix-xBOT Xenotix xBOT is a Cross Platform PoC Bot that abuse certain Google Services to implement it's C&C ↗️
13 @amitu/gitology Git Based Knowledge Management System ↗️
13 @anandology/electionspot Visualizing Indian elections
13 @vaidik/sharepastes Submits your clipboard text to PasteBin.com and gives you the URL to the paste, doing everything without requiring you to open your web browser.
12 @kushaldas/darkserver GNU Build-id providing service
11 @anandology/broadgauge Platform for managing training/workshops
9 @JayVora-SerpentCS/MassEditing Mass Editing Module for Odoo ↗️
9 @anandology/solving-puzzles-with… Solving Puzzles with Python - tutorial at PyCon India 2012 ↗️
9 @punchagan/childrens-park A Jabber/Google-talk bot that can be used as a chatroom. (Based on python-jabberbot)
8 @OrkoHunter/PotterScript /x/pel/e/r/mus
8 @thejeshgn/blocked Blocked by ISPs in India
8 @vaidik/GoogleMovieShowtimes… Python class for parsing Google Movie Showtimes (www.google.com/movies) response.
8 @anandology/hacks Utility scripts
8 @lakshmivyas/conche A primitive build system for Cocoa apps ↗️
7 @abidrahmank/MyRoughWork It contains some roughworks i do at my home
7 @punchagan/org2blog-importers Importers from various blog formats to org2blog format
7 @anandology/datastore Simple document database on top of relational database
7 @kushaldas/autocloud
7 @jace/pydocflow Python Document Workflows ↗️
7 @ajinabraham/tizen-security Tools made for Tizen Security Analysis
6 @sanand0/pyconindia2012-autol… Automated Data Analysis in Python: Talk at Pycon India 2012
6 @lionaneesh/LBP-opencv-python Some basic local binary patterns implementation in python using OpenCV.
6 @shabda/so-starving so-starving
6 @nigelbabu/git2web A web UI to manage gitosis
6 @punchagan/blog-files Build files for my web-site (no-longer maintained. Moved to o-blog!)
5 @kushaldas/tlogt Tower log tower, logs for human
5 @nigelbabu/mozalien RSS Feed to reddit posting bot.
5 @amitu/dgci Django Google Contact Importer
5 @OrkoHunter/depends The script powering http://apps.himanshumishra.in/depends
5 @sanand0/benchmarks Various benchmark tests
5 @sanand0/mixamail Twitter via e-mail ↗️
5 @lionaneesh/Code-Pasty A Simple Code Sharing Web Application in Python, using GAE. ↗️
5 @manojpandey/flask-blog 🐞 Simple Blog app using Flask and StormPath API for authentication ↗️
5 @rtnpro/wordgroupz Learn by building your own vocabulary.
5 @kushaldas/rst Python module to create rst document
4 @anandology/pyjamas fork of git://pyjs.org/git/pyjamas.git ↗️
4 @lakshmivyas/tayable HTML Tables to YAML
4 @anandology/sandbox experimental code
4 @abhikandoi2000/air-o-play Stream media files over WiFi for instant access.
4 @amitu/djangothis-jekyll Jekyll like theme for djangothis
4 @thejeshgn/archive-it Archive your blog using public archiving.
4 @sanand0/orderedattrdict An ordered Python dictionary with attribute-style access.
4 @OrkoHunter/keep Keep and view terminal commands in terminal only
4 @sanand0/xmljson xmlsjon converts XML into Python dictionary structures (trees, like in JSON) and vice-versa.
4 @punchagan/statiki statiki is an easy-to-use service for deploying simple web-sites. ↗️
4 @dhruvbaldawa/commute.py This is a helper script for multi-modal commute planning based on the specified routes that you specify
4 @punchagan/omnium-gatherum Everything that can't go anywhere else.
4 @kushaldas/tunirtests
4 @kushaldas/wallfe A personal feed reader.
4 @ajinabraham/Exploit-Research-Por… Exploit Research & Development - Ported Exploits ↗️
4 @rtnpro/django-pontoon-hook This hook enables a Django project to use Pontoon for translation.
3 @rtnpro/test-your-code Resources for my workshop on testing at Pycon India 2013
3 @jace/moviefolder MovieFolder: Get ratings and folder cover images from IMDb
3 @manojpandey/fb-terminal 🌀 A smart Facebook client on Terminal, written in Python
3 @jace/ljpics Interface for LiveJournal Userpics ↗️
3 @sengupta/spritzbot A bot implemented to use Twitter's streaming API.
3 @rtnpro/fedwidgets Web app to power widgets for the Fedora community
3 @punchagan/dot-emacs My dot-emacs
3 @lionaneesh/coursera-forum-user-…
3 @thejeshgn/pyg2fa
3 @nigelbabu/cloaked-spice Simple flask app to listen to the push webhook and deploy an app
3 @anandology/tornadohacks Hacks to make Tornado work work with web.py and wsgi applications
3 @amitu/dpp Django PayPal Helper
3 @anandology/puzzlemaster PuzzleMaster is a utility to generate, verify, solve and render puzzles.
3 @amitu/zums ZeroMQ based User and Session management for webapps in different languages/frameworks ↗️
3 @anandology/notebook Random experiments, half finished projects organized by date
3 @amitu/dimagebundle Django Tools to Help Bundle Multiple Images Into One ↗️
3 @anandology/projecteuler Solutions to projecteuler problems ↗️
3 @punchagan/hs-twitter-lists A script to create private lists of Hacker Schoolers or twitter, batch-wise.
3 @sanand0/euler Project Euler solutions in Python
2 @sanand0/reportbee-dashboard ↗️
2 @punchagan/v_block An Android script that let's you block calls from unwanted numbers.
2 @punchagan/what-changed A simple tool to diff public API changes of a Python library
2 @punchagan/project-euler My (age old) attempts to solve problems at Project Euler
2 @punchagan/prang A python script that shows the color name at the pixel where the mouse is present
2 @JayVora-SerpentCS/OdooUSA Odoo USA Localization
2 @dhruvbaldawa/alia an online docker based learning environment
2 @shabda/pychart Mirror of the Pychart bzr repo
2 @jace/qwkweb QWK message archive parser and web archive for messages from pre-Internet bulletin boards. ↗️
2 @dhruvbaldawa/facebook-hacker-cup-… My solutions to problems in Facebook Hacker Cup 2012
2 @nishanthvijayan/Take-A-Break TakeABreak is an gnome indicator app that keeps track of time for which you have been working and reminds you to take a break after a set interval.Could also be used as a pomodoro timer.
2 @softvar/pyShare It's a local file sharing app in python(GUI with Kivy)
2 @manojpandey/CodeForces-Code-Down… Download AC'ed solutions from Codeforces for any username
2 @jace/mxsniff Identify the email service provider a domain or email address is using
2 @rtnpro/wordcollections
2 @nigelbabu/git-repo-tools A collection of scripts to augment the git sever gitosis gives
2 @vaidik/nonblocking-io-examp… Examples for the series of blog posts on Understanding Non Blocking I/O with Python
2 @svaksha/chaya "chAya" (Sanskrit: छाय), describes a reflected image, shading or blending of colours with image manipulation and other CV techniques using Python scientific libraries. ↗️
2 @vaidik/kipptbackup Utility to backup Kippt data.
2 @kushaldas/ukhra dgplug site
2 @vaidik/marketplacecli
2 @sanand0/py-pretty Formats dates, numbers, etc. in a pretty, human readable format.
2 @abhikandoi2000/gulp Kinect based multi-player physics game
2 @sanand0/data.gov.in Exploring the datasets
2 @amitu/dtinyurl TinyURL Django App
2 @anandology/election-directory Dataset containing all states, districts, assembly constiuencies and polling stations in India.
2 @amitu/hammerd ↗️
2 @anandology/pyjst Tool to compile python templates into Javascript
2 @amitu/amitu-dutils Django Utilities, replacement for previous dutils library.
2 @anandology/electionarchive Project to archive data related to elections in India.
2 @amitu/dtwitter Django App for Twitter Integration
2 @axitkhurana/Download-Softwares [deprecated] Download Softwares application is currently under development for IIT Roorkee's intranet, for sharing and downloading free software under Information Management Group. [↗️](IITR Intranet)
2 @amitu/django-encrypted-id Encrypted IDs for Django Models
2 @abhikandoi2000/lyricsparser Simple parser to parse lyrics from Lyrics.com


🌟 Name Description 🌍
13 @adityashrm21/Bike-Sharing-Demand-… Solution to the Kaggle knowledge problem - Bike Sharing Demand
5 @bishwarup307/AV_Last_Man_Standing
3 @nishantsbi/R-Programming-Assign… R-Programming Project 3


🌟 Name Description 🌍
450 @arunagw/omniauth-twitter OmniAuth strategy for Twitter ↗️
72 @arunagw/css-bootstrap-rails Twitter Bootstrap CSS for Rails 3 ↗️
38 @asanghi/fiscali Fiscal Year Date Functions ↗️
31 @vishnugopal/rubymotion-ios-sdk-d… A cookbook example from the iOS SDK Development book in RubyMotion
30 @asanghi/excel_rails rxls views for Rails 3
27 @vishnugopal/twitter-search-follo… Auto-follows users who tweet particular keywords ↗️
20 @gautamrege/pusher Push Notifications example using express.js, socket.io - powered by a Rails app ↗️
17 @nithinbekal/actioncable-chat-exa… A simple chat app using Rails and ActionCable ↗️
14 @smtalim/YahooStockQuotes Access Yahoo stock quotes web service ↗️
13 @vikhyat/latex-to-unicode convert simple LaTeX expressions to unicode ↗️
13 @railsfactory/spree_multi_theme
12 @railsfactory/crux SaaS Extension for SpreeCommerce ↗️
12 @vikhyat/ai-contest-ruby ruby starter pack for the google ai contest
10 @nithinbekal/spellingbee A spelling correction tool for ruby
10 @smtalim/ChessOpeningMoves A DSL for chess opening moves
10 @smtalim/sinatra-street-view A Sinatra app that displays the street-view of a given location
10 @nileshtrivedi/gupshup Ruby wrapper for SMSGupShup API ↗️
10 @vikhyat/discourse-persona persona login for Discourse
9 @gautamrege/RPCFN5solutions Solutions for RPCFN #5
8 @gautamrege/short_circuit RPCFN#3 Find out redundant resistors in a closed circuit ↗️
8 @smtalim/myrubyprograms RubyLearning.org programs used for teaching ↗️
8 @swanandp/MapReduce_with_hadoo… Supplementary code I used in the "Build your first MapReduce with Hadoop and Ruby" at the BRUG March meet-up. ↗️
8 @vikhyat/StormyCloud Ridiculously simple distributed applications in Ruby.
7 @vishnugopal/memcached-persistent… A simple web server daemon in Ruby to allow command-line scripts to have persistent connections to memcached.
7 @arunagw/rake_migration rake_migration ↗️
7 @swanandp/gcj My attempts at Google Code Jam problems
7 @vikhyat/similar-sounding-wor… Uses soundex to give back a list of similar sounding words.
5 @vishnugopal/menu-http HTTP daemon for menu-driven stateful applications ↗️
5 @smtalim/exifmap Project that shows the location on a map where a photo was snapped.
5 @railsfactory/.motion shake will help you load custom code into your rubymotion apps
5 @asanghi/serial_preference Serialized Preferences for Model
5 @asanghi/omniauth-constantcon… OmniAuth Strategy for Constant Contact using OAuth2
5 @kaiwren/to_nokogiri Moving ActiveSupport's Hash#to_xml to use Nokogiri::XML::Builder ↗️
5 @rtdp/myloveruby Collection of reasons to love Ruby. ↗️
5 @ketan/ruby-diff
4 @railsfactory/spree-api Spree API gem
4 @swanandp/simple_versioning A vanilla versioning interface for active_record
4 @vishnugopal/oku-no-hitto Ōku no hitto ("many hits" in Japanese) is an experiment to figure out how best to saturate a HTTP pipe. ↗️
4 @vishnugopal/barcode-segmenter Barcode Segmenter is a tool that crops out barcodes from larger images. ↗️
4 @railsfactory/spree_odg_theme
4 @vikhyat/zenity.rb Ruby-ish syntax for zenity GTK dialogs.
4 @deepak/chef_cookbooks Chef cookbooks to setup a rails stack using chef-solo
3 @vikhyat/theca basic console mp3 player
3 @railsfactory/emotion extended rubymotion code generator
3 @kaiwren/warren ActiveRecord extension for MySql dbs enabling fulltext searching by allowing a model to connect to a MyISAM mirror of an InnoDB table ↗️
3 @kaiwren/agni JVM based download manager written in ruby
3 @arunagw/trello-hipchat Parse Trello activity feed into HipChat
2 @utkarshkukreti/twitter-angellist-br… Major WIP
2 @kaiwren/ruse A Ruby Threadpool based on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/81788… ↗️
2 @swanandp/loess.rb A Simple LOESS / LOWESS calculator built in Ruby
2 @vikhyat/discourse-hummingbir… Discourse plugin for all Hummingbird-related customizations
2 @vikhyat/indexable Rack middleware that executes javascript before serving pages to crawlers.
2 @asanghi/dbt Database Driven Templates (scoped to Company)
2 @kaiwren/farse https://gist.github.com/2046359 ↗️
2 @utkarshkukreti/rubymotion-hackernew…
2 @utkarshkukreti/ace_editor-rails Ace Editor for the Rails pipeline
2 @nithinbekal/actioncable-chatter Getting started with Rails 5's ActionCable and websockets - code example ↗️
2 @nileshtrivedi/smsapp Build SMS-based applications with ease using Ruby and SMSGupShup API ↗️
2 @asanghi/clinode Command Line control over Linode thru the Linode API
2 @utkarshkukreti/phaad A beautiful way to write PHP code.
2 @utkarshkukreti/rubymotion-breakout A simple implementation of the Breakout game in RubyMotion.
2 @railsfactory/crux_i18n
2 @vikhyat/aufstellung a tiny application for helping with the selling of used books to new students
2 @railsfactory/crux_faq
2 @arunagw/capybara_test capybara_test
2 @railsfactory/crux_digital
2 @smtalim/Saral Saral the Ruby web framework by RubyLearning.
2 @smtalim/exifmap_sinatra Project that shows the location on a map where a photo was snapped using Sinatra.
2 @railsfactory/crux_email_to_friend
2 @railsfactory/crux_reviews
2 @steverob/smslane A simple wrapper gem for the Smslane.com HTTP API
2 @ershad/Test-Git-repo This repo is used to learn git
2 @railsfactory/crux_share
2 @railsfactory/crux_theme
2 @arunagw/omniauth-picplz PicPlz OAuth strategy for OmniAuth


🌟 Name Description 🌍
225 @debasishg/sjson Scala Json with capabilities for Scala Object Serialization ↗️
175 @debasishg/scala-redis-nb Implementation of a non blocking Redis client in Scala using Akka IO
100 @debasishg/cqrs-akka An implementation of CQRS using scalaz for functional domain models and Akka for event sourcing ↗️
97 @debasishg/frdomain Code repo for Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling
79 @debasishg/scouchdb CouchDB Driver and View Server in Scala ↗️
25 @debasishg/tryscalaz Explore various options of domain modeling with scalaz ↗️
23 @debasishg/dsls_in_action Code base for DSLs In Action (http://www.manning.com/ghosh) ↗️
21 @debasishg/scala-snippets Various Scala snippets of interest - some of them plagiarised
15 @pamu/AkkaDynoDB Dynamo like distributed database built using Akka Cluster ↗️
13 @debasishg/tryscalaz7 Some experiments with scalaz7
12 @debasishg/sjsonapp An applicative layer on top of sjson
10 @debasishg/monad-trans Playing with Monad Transformers in scala
9 @pawank/Facebook-Integration… Facebook Integration in Play 2.0 using scribe library
5 @debasishg/hodgp Exploring Higher Order Datatype Generic Programming in Scala
4 @codingnirvana/scala-quiz Solutions to scala quizzes from 99 problems and project euler
3 @pawank/LinkedInAPI_Test Lift application showing usage of LinkedIn API integration and mongodb.
3 @debasishg/cqrs-finagle Version of CQRS ported to Twitter Finagle
2 @pamu/resonate Resonate Project ↗️
2 @pamu/split-pal Split wise for Sane people in Scala Android
2 @pamu/ChatBox Simple Chat System Using Akka Actors (Akka Remoting) ↗️
2 @pamu/BulkMailer send bulk emails to email contacts
2 @pawank/play-silhouette-mong… Play framework based Silhouette sample application using multi-project SBT configuration and web and API authentication
2 @debasishg/qcon-ny-12 Code base for presentation in QCon NY 2012
2 @scalolli/chotoo Utility written in scala to read data from of different formats csv, excel, txt files etc.
2 @debasishg/recon Attempt to make a generalized reconciliation service


🌟 Name Description 🌍
5 @dhamaniasad/eyeos eyeos open source archive
5 @SpEcHiDe/APK-DeCompiler Program to get the source code from APK file ↗️
4 @anubhavchaturvedi/ConnectifyLinux Shell Script to simulate the behavior similar to Connectify for Windows/Mac
3 @Jackeagle/android_device_xiaom… CyanogenMod Device Tree For Dior
2 @Abhinav1997/speed-up-android Script to speed up your build process by 357.233%
2 @kiranp11/scripts scripts
2 @SpEcHiDe/scripts Useful scripts to have fun.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
12 @keshavvishwkarma/KVRootBaseSideMenu-Swift KVRootBaseSideMenu-Swift It's a root base side menu with autolayout for iOS applications & It is also written in pure swift.
5 @DharmeshKheni/QR-and-BarCode-Scann… QR and barcode Scanner with swift
5 @vinit5320/PaperMenuViewControl… Guide: https://swiftyos.wordpress.com/2016/03/2…
4 @vinit5320/AnimatedLogin Guide: https://swiftyos.wordpress.com/2015/09/1…
3 @vinit5320/TableView---PullToRe… Guide: https://swiftyos.wordpress.com/2015/09/2…
3 @ArunPrasanth-R/APAlertView Alertview with label and input textfield.
3 @DharmeshKheni/Music-player-with-sw… Music player with swift
3 @vinit5320/SwiftyCollectionView Guide: https://swiftyos.wordpress.com/2015/08/0…
2 @vishnupillai9/F1nfo iOS app that lets users follow their favorite drivers and the latest standings and schedule for the current Formula One season.
2 @abdullah-chhatra/iLayout Framework with high level and intuitive methods to write Auto Layout constraints
2 @iappvk/TableView-Swift
2 @abdullah-chhatra/iDispatch Easy to use wrapper over GCD for iOS


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2 @santhosbaala/vitmsprojectreport A LaTeX template for MS Software Engineering final year project report


🌟 Name Description 🌍
404 @dhruvasagar/vim-table-mode VIM Table Mode for instant table creation.
142 @dhruvasagar/vim-dotoo Org-mode like task logging & time tracking in Vim
85 @notpratheek/vim-luna Touchdown on Lunar Surface ! :)
58 @dhruvasagar/vim-prosession Handle vim sessions like a pro
45 @ashisha/image.vim View images in Vim, because Vim is awesome!
19 @notpratheek/vim-sol On the Path of Illumination ! :)
8 @notpratheek/Pychimp-vim Vim colorscheme (Created out of boredom, and requirement !)
8 @vikkikanhaua/myconfs Some config files
8 @dhruvasagar/dotfiles The single dot that has it all.
8 @anadgouda/taskmanagementvim Task Management plugin for vim
6 @dhruvasagar/vim-markify VIM Plugin Markify to indicate quickfix results on buffers using Signs
6 @dhruvasagar/vim-testify Simplified viml testing
4 @vmandela/WinFastFind A vim plugin to find files quickly on windows ↗️
4 @Prajjwal/dotfiles Configuration for my system(s).
3 @dhruvasagar/vim-audiobox Control Rhythmbox from VIM
2 @anadgouda/typing-vim-colour-th… A dark colour theme for (g)vim.

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