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A list of neat projects made in Latvia



🌟 Name Description 🌍
3841 @fancyapps/fancyBox fancyBox is a tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, html content and multi-media on your webpages. ↗️
466 @pkrumins/node-lazy lazy lists for node.js ↗️
336 @pkrumins/nodejs-proxy A HTTP proxy server written in node.js ↗️
173 @dnasir/jquery-cascading-dro… A simple and lighweight jQuery plugin for cascading dropdown.
114 @aivis/user-stream Node.js Twitter user stream module.
84 @pkrumins/node-image Unifies node-png, node-jpeg and node-gif (for great good) ↗️
77 @pkrumins/node-iptables basic iptables control via nodejs ↗️
55 @pkrumins/node-tree-kill kill trees of processes
45 @pkrumins/node-supermarket A key/value store based on sqlite for node.js that actually works. ↗️
44 @pkrumins/node-jsmin javascript minimizer for node.js ↗️
41 @pkrumins/node-browser Provides a Browser for easy web browsing from node.js ↗️
37 @dnasir/angular-dateParser A simple parser that converts date and time strings into Date object
19 @intarstudents/keySharky Add missing keyboard functionality to Grooveshark! ↗️
17 @pkrumins/node-passwd Node.js module to manage /etc/passwd ↗️
15 @pkrumins/social-submitter Submit your stories to Reddit, Hacker News, Twitter, Plurk, Identi.ca, Facebook at once! ↗️
15 @skakri/photoswipe-rails A gem to add PhotoSwipe to Rails asset pipeline
14 @pkrumins/invoice generate pdf invoices from latex via pdflatex
12 @pkrumins/supermarket-cart Connect session store using supermarket ↗️
11 @dnasir/jquery-lazyimage A simple and lightweight plugin to lazily load images.
10 @popoffka/dungeons dungeons is a roguelike game made using HTML5 & JavaScript. ↗️
10 @pkrumins/keyboard provides english keyboard (used as a widget for browserling)
10 @pkrumins/ssh-key-manager manage ssh keys on the server side (can be used with ssh-key-widget)
6 @aivis/json-formater Node.js JSON data formater / comparator
5 @pkrumins/node-number-range number ranges
4 @ronv/Typewriter.js
4 @DavisMiculis/jPulse jPulse is a jQuery library that adds "pulse-like" effect to selected element.
4 @pkrumins/rackspace-tools some tools to manage rackspace cloud servers ↗️
3 @EriksRemess/node-speedtest-mini Speedtest.net Mini for Node.js
3 @EriksRemess/radiotwitterbot.js a simple internet radio twitter bot
3 @EriksRemess/geekit-safari GeekIt for Safari
3 @RuslanZavacky/yesnopuzzle Repository for Ember.js Presentation
3 @eID-LV/eidtsttom Apache Tomcat based Latvian eID authentication webserver app
3 @renarsvilnis/fout-b-gone Git repository for foutbgone bower package
3 @eID-LV/eidtstapa Apache based Latvian eID authentication webserver app
3 @AMekss/jquery.quicktip jQuery plugin for browser's default tooltip text replacement
2 @EriksRemess/Pasaules-pulkstenis Iztulkots Mac OS X Lion vidžets
2 @intarstudents/httpK3y Toggle keyboard shortcuts from outside of Firefox or Prism! ↗️
2 @popoffka/ponydraw
2 @eID-LV/eidtstiis IIS based Latvian eID authentication webserver app
2 @intarstudents/keyMazony Add missing keyboard functionality to Amazon Cloud Player! ↗️
2 @aivis/draugiem Draugiem.lv API node.js client
2 @renarsvilnis/lol-build-manager-el… Cross platform application built with help of Electron framework for the League of Legends build manager
2 @ronv/TermLand Terminal Style Landing Page
2 @gusc/jQuery-Jmol Jmol jQuery plugin
2 @dainis/nodejs-scraper
2 @dnasir/jquery-tagz jQuery plugin that converts standard HTML text input into a cool tag list.
2 @pkrumins/plurk-translation-to… A GreaseMonkey script for translating plurks on any timeline ↗️
2 @intarstudents/Bytingshark Add missing file size UI to Grooveshark! ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
498 @attenzione/android-ColorPickerP… ColorPickerPreference for android to create color picker in preferences. Project created as Library
24 @omegasoft7/FSLogger Android Logger with a lot of options to help Developers
21 @LatvianModder/FTBUtilities FTBUtilities mod for Minecraft. Depends on FTBLib ↗️
10 @PeterisP/morphology Latvian morphology module
9 @LatvianModder/CurseGraph
8 @LatvianModder/FTBLib FTBLib mod for Minecraft. Depends on LatLib ↗️
8 @AlexeyBuzdin/android-development-… Course for Android Development
5 @AlexeyBuzdin/robovm-dagger2-sampl… Sample project with Android, RoboVM and Web clients
5 @LatvianModder/EMC_Condenser EMC Condenser mod ↗️
4 @buzdin/hybrid-web-apps Demonstration of hyprid web application approach
4 @DavisNT/XposedLollipopTests Bug report example for Xposed for Lollipop (https://github.com/rovo89/android_art/i… and https://github.com/rovo89/Xposed/issues/…
3 @buzdin/postcard-from-baltic… Hack4Europe Riga
3 @PeterisP/LVTagger
2 @buzdin/java-microbenchmarki…
2 @ivarsv/android-liepajniekie… Android App that retrieves events from liepajniekiem.lv site ↗️
2 @mstrengis/DraugiemApi has to be included as library on your android app
2 @knoppixmeister/android_custom_swipe… Android custom swipe refresh listfragment with load indicator and Try Load button when empty ListAdapter ↗️
2 @LatvianModder/EnkiTools EnkiTools mod ↗️
2 @LatvianModder/Silicio Silicio mod ↗️
2 @ivarsv/stanford-ai-class Proof of concept implementations from Lecture materials


🌟 Name Description 🌍
446 @Knagis/CommonMark.NET Implementation of CommonMark specification in C# for converting Markdown documents to HTML. Optimized for maximum performance and portability.
7 @pdonald/aho-corasick Aho–Corasick string matching algorithm in C#
4 @EntrypointSoft/AspNet.Identity.Enti… EF6 provider for Asp.Net Identity 3.0 RC1
3 @pdonald/mysql-connector-net MySQL Connector/Net with Entity Framework 6 support.
3 @pdonald/latvval-kvaldarbs Latviešu valodas vārdu locītājs


🌟 Name Description 🌍
4 @ncla/SiteUpdateTracker Tracking stuff.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
27 @DimaSmirnov/Archlinux-downgrader Powerful packages downgrader for Archlinux, written in C
9 @TheWhisp/android_device_samsu… Device configuration for Samsung GT-S7500 ↗️
7 @TheWhisp/android_kernel_samsu… Linux kernel for Samsung GT-S6500(D) and GT-S7500
5 @chocis/raspberry_bare_metal…
4 @andreyv/hexchat-autoaway A HexChat plugin to set away on idle
3 @arseniuss/flos flos experimental operating system ↗️
3 @TheWhisp/android_device_samsu… Device configuration for Samsung GT-S6500 (NFC) ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
49 @elnormous/ouzel C++ 2D game engine for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, tvOS and Android
16 @elnormous/RealisticWaterSceneN… Realistic water scene node for Irrlicht
8 @WheretIB/nullc Fast C-like programming language with advanced features
4 @xcoder123/SvgToGcode Takes SVG and converts the elements in gcode instructions.
4 @elnormous/FlurryX C++ wrapper for Flurry Analytics for Cocos2d-x
4 @elnormous/rtmp_relay RTMP relay


🌟 Name Description 🌍
4 @vpavkin/GoRefactor refactoring tool for Go Programming Language
3 @postfix/csrf XSRF Token generation for Go web app
2 @postfix/keyvault A simple embeddable key vault for use in Go programs. ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
27 @ar2rsawseen/GiderosCodingEasy Extending Gideros Functionality
14 @ar2rsawseen/GameTemplate Upcoming Gideros Mobile Game Template
6 @Akuukis/RobotColorWars-Minec… Project in Lua for OpenComputers to make ColorWars where robots explore, build bases, reproduce and fight with each other.
5 @ar2rsawseen/Json JSON Encoder and Parser for Lua 5.1 ↗️
5 @ar2rsawseen/dataSaver Save and load data module for Gideros Mobile ↗️
4 @ar2rsawseen/TextWrap Creating multi line text fields in Gideros Mobile ↗️
3 @ar2rsawseen/GiderosUnite Gideros Unite framework provides a way to implement Multiplayer games using Gideros Mobile. It uses LuaSocket to establish socket connections and even create server/client instances. ↗️
3 @ar2rsawseen/AceSlide_oop Oop version of AceSlide which uses Gideros class system ↗️
3 @ar2rsawseen/Gestures Detecting Gestures in Gideros ↗️
3 @ar2rsawseen/Localize Localization in Gideros ↗️
2 @ar2rsawseen/AceSlide Easy input for choosing packages or levels in Gideros Mobile ↗️
2 @ar2rsawseen/Share Share button in Gideros app ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
385 @YahnisElsts/plugin-update-checke… A custom update checker for WordPress plugins. Ufseful if you can't or don't want to host your plugin in the official WP plugin repository, but would still like it to support automatic plugin updates.
253 @puikinsh/Sparkling WordPress Bootstrap 3 theme with doeznes of options powered by Options Framework ↗️
236 @YahnisElsts/wp-update-server A custom update API for WordPress plugins and themes. Intended to be used in conjunction with my plugin-update-checker library.
227 @kasparsd/minit A WordPress plugin to combine CSS and Javascript files
142 @puikinsh/Dazzling Flat design WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and FlexSlider ↗️
82 @puikinsh/Unite-Theme Customizable WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and Options Framework ↗️
50 @dmitryd/typo3-realurl RealURL extension for TYPO3 CMS
46 @puikinsh/Travelify WordPress theme with Theme Customization API integration, Theme Options, content slider and layout options ↗️
45 @puikinsh/Activello WordPress Bootstrap blog theme with doeznes of options using WordPress Customizer
27 @kasparsd/widget-context-wporg Widget Context ↗️
19 @integry/livecart PHP e-commerce storefront software ↗️
18 @sitilge/propeller Graphical DBMS tool based on Propel
17 @fruit/sfCacheTaggingPlugin The sfCacheTaggingPlugin is a Symfony plugin to store caches associated with unique tags to keep cache content up-to-date based by incrementing tags version ↗️
16 @kasparsd/envato-automatic-plu… WordPress plugin library for providing automatic plugin updates to CodeCanyon plugins
14 @dmitryd/typo3-dd_googlesitem… This is a "dd_googlesitemap" TYPO3 extension. It adds sitemap support to TYPO3 CMS.
14 @kasparsd/feed-image-enclosure Add featured images as enclosures in RSS feeds
12 @kasparsd/orbiter Orbiter is a sim­ple and extend­able PHP tool for pub­lish­ing beau­ti­ful web­sites out of simple text documents ↗️
10 @kasparsd/photos-sync Sync OS X Photos to Anywhere (NAS, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Glacier, Backblaze B2)
10 @MatissJanis/oc-frontend-forms-ex… OctoberCMS backend forms used in a frontend component example
9 @kasparsd/numeric-shortlinks WordPress plugin which enables shortlinks for posts and pages based on their ID (i.e. http://example.com/123)
8 @YahnisElsts/wp-extension-meta A PHP library for parsing WordPress plugin and theme metadata. It can extract the version number and description from a plugin ZIP, parse readme.txt files and so on.
8 @dmitryd/typo3-pagepath An extension for TYPO3 CMS (see the README for more information)
8 @b2z/joomla-25-component-… Joomla! 2.5 "Hello World!" component code for the tutorial on JoomlaBlog.ru
7 @dmitryd/typo3-simplemvc A TYPO3 "simplemvc" extension. This extension adds a simple high performance MVC framework to TYPO3.
6 @sitilge/abimo PHP skeleton.
6 @andrewtch/php-bayes Usable naive bayesian classes
6 @kasparsd/latvijas-pilsetas-no… Latvijas novadi un pilsētas JSON formātā
6 @kasparsd/widget-output-cache Caches widget output in transients (or object cache, if enabled) ↗️
5 @kasparsd/multisite-local-dev WordPress Multisite Local Dev -- a MU plugin for WordPress
5 @MatissJanis/oc-mail OctoberCMS mail statistics and logging plugin
5 @kasparsd/widget-context-basic The easiest way to take control of your sidebar areas, widgets and their visibility
5 @laacz/google-reader-migrat… Script to perform Google Reader migration between two Google accounts.
5 @gintsmurans/staticphp A lightweight PHP framework ↗️
4 @laacz/php-microtest Micro TDD framework for PHP 5.3+
4 @andrewtch/perceptual-hash Perceptual (average / DCT) hashes in PHP
4 @aik099/db-reflection Library for changing database structure through PHP database reflection classes.
4 @dmitryd/typo3-sentry Sentry integration with TYPO3
4 @laacz/php-threading Threading implemented in PHP
3 @andrewtch/phpwildcard PHP wildcard (boo?.foo*.bar) string matching
3 @fruit/sfDoctrineTablePlugi… Generates feature packed base tables to each Symfony model. ↗️
3 @kasparsd/base A bare WordPress theme with lot's of filters and hooks for creating awesome child themes
3 @kasparsd/Simple-WordPress-Arc… Provides a few shortcodes for listing post archives grouped by categories or taxonomies
3 @kasparsd/metro-share The ultimate social sharing plugin that doesn't slow down your site.
3 @uldisn/ace
3 @laacz/wall4php Wall for php
3 @b2z/joomla-sample-module Sample module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x
3 @kasparsd/tinker-theme A WordPress theme for creators, bloggers and writers ↗️
3 @integry/integry-framework Lightweight framework for PHP web applications, licensed under LGPL ↗️
3 @pilsetnieks/PQP-faceless A drop-in replacement for Particletree's PHP Quick profiler for profiling PHP scripts without HTML output (for example, cron jobs) ↗️
3 @integry/integry-payments PHP library that unifies payment handling accross different payment processors, split from LiveCart project ↗️
3 @YahnisElsts/plugin-compatibility… A WordPress plugin that lets report whether your active plugins are working properly.
3 @MatissJanis/ToffCMS-Backend-API AngularJS CMS with Laravel backend for WEB artisans - Backend API repository ↗️
3 @chernecov/CartBundle Useful bundle with simple cart functionality. ↗️
2 @puikinsh/shapely Free multipurpose WordPress theme built using Bootstrap and Customizer ↗️
2 @laacz/misc Miscellania
2 @laacz/xls-reader Moderately fast Excel binary format (XLS) parser in PHP
2 @integry/integry-activerecord ActiveRecord pattern based ORM for PHP, released under LGPL ↗️
2 @MatissJanis/airbaltic-cheap-flig… Pulls in the whole cheap flight DB and compares the flights
2 @fruit/sfSQLToolsPlugin Symfony task to execute SQL files with triggers, procedures and events in order. Compatible with any kind of database engines. ↗️
2 @martinsbalodis/kohana-crud
2 @martinsbalodis/kohana-extjsdesktop ExtJS 4 desktop for kohana framework
2 @uldisn/edifactdata
2 @pilsetnieks/key-value-api Simple key-value cache API to abstract the underlying key-value store.
2 @dmitryd/typo3-pagebrowse TYPO3 "pagebrowse" extension. Allows users to easily create a page browser in their extensions.
2 @kasparsd/contact-form-7-extra… Beautiful controlls for some of the Contact Form 7 advanced features ↗️
2 @puikinsh/Pinbin-WordPress-The… Masonry powered grid style WordPress theme.
2 @kasparsd/fix-ssl-please Serve all assets over SSL
2 @andrewtch/NoopParserBundle Subj: parsers, fetchers, web spiders, fetch queue and so on.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
261 @aivarsk/scrapy-proxies Random proxy middleware for Scrapy
229 @aivarsk/scruffy Makes SVG shapes look hand-drawn and creates UML diagrams using yUML (http://yuml.me) syntax
20 @alekz/game-server Simple client-server game in Twisted
19 @daGrevis/Dotfiles Dotfiles for my Arch Linux workstation(s)
17 @festlv/carpc RaspberryPi based CarPC build, to replace stock Volvo navigation system
16 @ototo/jic JIRA Command Line Client
7 @daGrevis/pong-py Pong Game in Python
6 @daGrevis/mdx_linkify Link recognition for Python Markdown
4 @Brick85/sitemenu Nested menu for django projects
4 @krikulis/draugiem draugiem.lv api wrapperis python
4 @pundurs/sc2cm A Django app for managing a Starcraft 2 clan. Synchronises members from rankedftw.com and their statistics from Battle.net
4 @Brick85/options Options for django admin. Administrator emails, phones, contact data, etc.
3 @daGrevis/sweetcache Lightweight, framework agnostic caching library with sweet API
3 @abele/dotfiles Authors prefered home setup for Linux
3 @vestel/clevernote Command-Line evernote environment
3 @daGrevis/daGrevis.lv My blog on Django 1.5 (Python) ↗️
2 @alekz/pygame-game Experiments with Pygame framework
2 @FylmTM/edX-code Solved edX courses problems sets, by me.
2 @kamikaze/python-practics
2 @Brick85/django-qshop


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2 @CSBLatvia/surveyplanning
2 @CSBLatvia/vardpoor R package for variance estimation in survey sampling


🌟 Name Description 🌍
432 @rsim/oracle-enhanced Oracle enhaced adapter for ActiveRecord
195 @rsim/mondrian-olap JRuby gem for performing multidimensional queries of relational database data using Mondrian OLAP Java library
111 @rsim/ruby-plsql ruby-plsql gem provides simple Ruby API for calling Oracle PL/SQL procedures. It could be used both for accessing Oracle PL/SQL API procedures in legacy applications as well as it could be used to create PL/SQL unit tests using Ruby testing libraries.
55 @ugisozols/emberflare.com Community driven place for all things Ember.js ↗️
54 @rsim/ruby-plsql-spec Oracle PL/SQL unit testing with Ruby
45 @ugisozols/ember-simple-auth-ra… Demo showcasing Ember.SimpleAuth with Rails 4.1
38 @ebeigarts/signer WS Security XML Certificate signing for Ruby
36 @ebeigarts/exchanger Ruby client for Exchange Web Services
31 @krists/id3tag Native Ruby mp3 tag reader library that aims for 100% covarage of ID3v2.x and ID3v1.x standards
31 @rsim/mondrian_demo mondrian-olap demo Rails application
19 @krists/refile-postgres Postgres database as a backend for Refile
19 @torbjon/octicons-rails Octicons web fonts and stylesheets as a Rails engine for use with the asset pipeline.
15 @rsim/blog.rayapps.com
14 @jurgis/spree-additional-cal… Additional calculators for spree
13 @nikitachernov/FutureProof Ruby concurrency extensions ↗️
9 @ebeigarts/active_merchant_firs… First Data Latvia gateway for Active Merchant
7 @rsim/rails3_oracle_sample Rails 3 beta on Oracle application sample
7 @ebeigarts/oracle_ebs_authentic… Oracle E-Business Suite authentication
7 @nikitachernov/pthread.rb Parallel "threads" in Ruby using dRb ↗️
7 @torbjon/accountingjs-rails accounting.js for Rails3
6 @ebeigarts/ts-xml Thinking Sphinx plugin for xmlpipe2 data sources (Oracle, SQLite3, ...)
6 @rsim/activerecord-do-adap… ActiveRecord DataObjects adapter
6 @assistunion/tanuki Tanuki is an MVVM-inspired web framework with balls! Abandoned.
5 @emuzis/zombie_bieber
5 @ebeigarts/omniauth-latvija Latvija.lv authentication strategy for OmniAuth
5 @ebeigarts/database_loader Load SQL views, materialized views, grants, etc. into database.
4 @torbjon/newrelic_memory_agen… NewRelic plugin for memory(RAM) monitoring
4 @rsim/rails_ebs_demo Rails on Oracle E-Business Suite demo
4 @BLauris/football_league
4 @torbjon/typeahead-rails Twitter Typeahead.js with Rails asset pipeline
4 @rsim/sales_app_demo Demo Sales app for RailsConf 2015 presentation
3 @jurgis/rails3-templates Rails 3 templates
3 @rodzhers/calendar-backbone
2 @ebeigarts/ruby-foomatic Ruby interface to the Foomatic printer database
2 @ebeigarts/homebrew-magic-lante… Magic Lantern Homebrew Tap
2 @torbjon/reactjs-rails React for Rails3
2 @ugisozols/recaptcha Simple recaptcha plugin for rails
2 @ugisozols/Learning-Ruby
2 @BLauris/custom-css-for-user
2 @jurgis/spree-complex-calcul… Calculators for spree commerce
2 @miks/declension
2 @rsim/rails-stack Ruby on Rails stack installation with Sprinkle (including Oracle client).
2 @gacha/hamster_time hamster_to_pivotal_tracker
2 @aigarsdz/runoff A simple application to create Skype backups
2 @vermut/veewee-centos6-cloud… Definitions file for a veewee to build centos6 images with recent cloud-init and growpart


🌟 Name Description 🌍
3 @zabbix/zabbix-patches Community maintained patches for Zabbix


🌟 Name Description 🌍
15 @artursDerkintis/JigsawPuzzle Simple 9x9 jigsaw puzzle game written in Swift
10 @artursDerkintis/Breakout Simple breakout game written in Swift 2.
10 @artursDerkintis/Traffic-Control Simple traffic control game written in Swift 2/ SpriteKit
5 @artursDerkintis/YouTube Simple YouTube client for iPads with PiP feature


🌟 Name Description 🌍
7 @einars/translit.vim Transliteration mode (russian, greek, etc) plugin for vim ↗️

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